A Christmas gift to remember: Hartman twins watch their favorite teams on the field

GREEN BAY, Wis. Action 2 News first reported about the Hartman twins’ surprise Christmas gift on Wednesday. Both born with cerebral palsy, the brothers underwent many surgeries throughout their childhood. Even though they have things in common, there's one thing they'll never agree on, Vikings or Packers?

Hartman brothers enjoy last Packers home game of the season on the field

Nathan and Jason Hartman from Newton got field passes to the last Packers home game on Saturday against the Vikings, as they made their way through the concourse it was all smiles.

"I'm stoked," said Nathan Hartman, who favors the Vikings.

"I’m very excited,” added Jason Hartman, Packers fan.

Nathan has been a Vikings fan since he was little.

"My favorite color is purple and then when I turned 12 I started rooting for the Vikings and once they inquired Daunte Culpepper, Randy Moss and Cris Carter then things kind of just snowballed from there," said Nathan.

For his twin brother Jason, it's Packers all the way.

“It gets interesting sometimes," said Jason, about their fun sibling rivalry.

“There's days where they need to be separated and we have a house now that they're separated but they just talk a whole lot louder and scream a whole lot louder so the other one can hear but it's all in good fun and good nature," said Diane Hartman, Nathan and Jason’s mom.

The Hartmans got Saturday game tickets from Sartori, a cheese company based in Plymouth during their annual Christmas party. The Hartmans have provided milk for Sartori for decades.

When the twins got the tickets, they were taken aback.

"I was pretty much shocked after, I didn't realize you know I was getting the tickets until it finally sunk in that I was the one that was getting the tickets," said Jason.

The brothers have never been on the field before Saturday, the once in a lifetime chance is leaving them with a Christmas to remember.

"It's just something that they're never going to forget, a very good experience for them that they're going to really enjoy," said Diane.