Ultimate Packers fan shares birth year with franchise

WEST BEND, WIS. Ida Motiff of West Bend, Wisconsin is the ultimate Packers fan and was even born the same year the franchise was founded.

98-year-old Packers Fan

Born in 1919, Motiff is a season ticket holder and has gone to at least 100 games.

At the age of 98, she still watches the games from her assisted living facility and has passed on her season tickets to her family, reports WTMJ.

"All my life I've liked football. My brother played football and that's where I really got it, and just of all the sports, I really like football the best," Motiff told WTMJ.

When asked who her favorite player is, she said Brett Favre.

Her excitement of going to the Super Bowl in New Orleans and visiting Favre's hometown in Mississippi could be seen through the gleam in her eyes.