9-year-old published in national magazine

ALLOUEZ, Wis. (WBAY) -- A 9-year-old Allouez girl gets a piece of poetry published in a national children’s magazine.

Action 2 News met with Mia Hendrickson, and asked her why she likes to write.

“I don’t know,” Mia swiftly replies.

What makes you like to write? “I don’t know,” Mia smiles.

She may not know why she likes to write, but it’s clear that talent comes naturally for the 4th grader.

“Well, I just think of something and then I write it,” she tells us.

It comes that easy? “Yes, except sometimes it's hard when I want to make one that rhymes or one with tricky letters.”

When Mia put pen to paper two years ago, words flew out freely, as she was writing about her best friend Miriam.

“My best friend had moved away, and I wrote a poem for her, to send to her in a letter,” she says.

After that, Mia submitted her poetry to Highlights magazine and waited. About a year later, she finally heard word about her poem.

“We opened it up and it said that she was published, so she squealed with delight,” Mia’s mom, Marie Hendrickson, tells Action 2 News. “And it was a very happy moment.”

On page 35 of January 2018’s Highlights magazine, newsstands across the country featured Mia’s poem about friendship.

“I wanted something to be published,” Mia says. “[It feels] great!”

Best Friends
Mia Hendrickson, age 9
Best friends have a magic
Not the kind you see
If you want to see it
Love is the key