88 questions on ballot at state conservation hearings

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - An annual conservation tradition dating back to the 1940s resumes Monday night in all 72 counties around the state.

DNR Warden patch

People from around Wisconsin will cast ballots at conservation meetings pertaining to 88 questions. The ballots cover proposed rule changes and advisory questions relating to hunting, fishing, the environment and resource management.

"It's really an institution of conservation decision-making,"
DNR Wildlife Biologist Jeff Pritzl says.

Pritzl points to two rule changes garnering the most interest, involving deer and turkey hunting.

The DNR is proposing the archery season be extended to the end of January in Farmland Zone units which also have a firearm holiday hunt.

"I think the interest in the question is two-fold. One, it just adds opportunity with January archery hunting like the metro units have always had, and then it does maybe allow for the holiday hunt to be more accepted as another firearm season at the end of December because then it's creating more opportunity for archers to continue to hunt after that as opposed to taking away the final week of archery hunting."

As for turkey hunting, state wildlife managers would like to eliminate the fall application process and simply sell tags over the counter.

Pritzl says the joint hearings held in each county by the DNR and Conservation Congress offer citizens direct input in fish and wildlife management.

"You don't know what might show up on the floor as a proposal that the citizens get behind it and think it's a great idea. It could become a law down the road, or if it's not a great idea you could be there to make sure it doesn't advance."

The spring hearings start at 7 p.m. For a complete list of locations CLICK HERE