8-year-old girl gets wig she's been wishing for

Published: Oct. 2, 2017 at 10:41 PM CDT
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The 8-year-old Kewaunee girl who asked for a wig on Facebook had her last fitting on Monday.

"I plan to do some pony tails for tomorrow," said Jimena.

Jimena Dias-Vazquez was diagnosed with a hair loss condition called Alopecia when she was five.

Since then she has had a few wigs, but some are too big, and others would be pulled off by kids on the bus.

Due to outpouring of support from the community and donations from Voga Wigs in Green Bay, Jimena walked out with her new wig on Monday, excited to wear it to school on Tuesday.

"I'm hoping this wig gives her the confidence she needs as a young individual; boost her ego, just makes her feel like a princess," said Lynn Drafz, manager of Voga Wigs.

Those at Voga Wigs say her new special wig can be treated like normal hair.

"We received a human hair wig and we sized it for her first of all, so it would fit perfectly to her head and then with human hair, we can cut it down to size and curl and style it according to how she styles it," said Keith Zimmerman, owner of Voga Wigs.