8-year-old asks for new wig to start school in Kewaunee

While many kids ask for a new set of crayons or backpack this year, a third-grader in Kewaunee is asking for a new wig.

Eight-year-old Jimena Diaz-Vazquez wants to be a model when she grows up.

“I like to wear clothes and walk like a model,” said Diaz-Vazquez.

In the meantime, she said she’s excited to start school in Kewaunee, but this year she is hoping to add something new to her wardrobe.

“I wanted a new wig for school,” said Diaz-Vazquez.

Born with a full head of hair, Diaz-Vazquez’s family didn’t know she had Alopecia, a hair loss condition, until she was five years old.

“My mom was doing my hair and she noticed it was just falling out,” said Diaz-Vazquez.

“We would sweep around the house and we would find hair,” said Yamilet Diaz-Vazquez, Jimena’s 11-year-old sister. “Everybody would say that my hair was falling out, but then we noticed that it was my sisters hair.”

Within 2 months, Diaz-Vazquez was completely bald. Knowing it was permanent, her parents got her a wig, but it didn’t last very long. Diaz-Vazquez said the kids on the bus would purposefully take it off.

“The just throw it,” said Diaz-Vazquez.

It got so knotted that they had to throw it away. Her teachers also helped raised money for a new wig, but that too is starting to show some wear and tear.

Jimena’s sister wants to help.

“I was actually planning on growing my hair and cutting it off and making a wig for her,” said Yamilet.

But that may take some time, so a family-friend alerted Action 2 News to a post on Jimena’s Facebook page, Princes Diaz, asking for help in getting a new black-haired wig.

“A long one with curls,” said Diaz-Vazquez.

But even if she doesn’t get one, Diaz-Vazquez said it isn’t going to stop her from chasing her dreams.

“I want to grow up and be a model without hair,” Diaz-Vazquez. “I want people to know they can do everything, even if they don’t have hair.”

If you would like to help Jimena, her family has set up a donation fund at Wells Fargo Bank. The account is called Jimena Diaz.