Man stops robbery attempt with legally concealed handgun in Allouez

ALLOUEZ, Wis. (WBAY) -- An attempted armed robbery this weekend in Allouez was thwarted when the man targeted legally pulled out his gun to stop it.

Brown County Lieutenant Kevin Pawlak said the incident happened on the 2100 block of S. Webster Ave. on Saturday.

“The suspect is pretty lucky because he could have been shot,” said Pawlak. “I can only speculate that once he pulled gun, the suspect got frightened right away and ran away.”

Just before noon, Pawlak said a man plowing snow with a small tractor was approached by someone asking for $5. When the man said no, Pawlak said the suspect "pulled out a knife, 8 inches long, and demanded the money."

With the knife to his chest, the victim told the suspect his wallet was in his truck.

“When he got to the pickup truck, he had a concealed weapon in his door frame,” said Pawlak, "so when he opened up door, he displayed the weapon to the male who then took off running.”

That’s where Pawlak said the suspect was fortunate because legally, with a concealed carry weapons license in Wisconsin, the man could have fired a shot at the suspect.

“In a public area, if you have CCW license like this victim did, then you can use it to defend yourself or others if there is an imminent threat to your life, which clearly there was in this case, so it’s a justified use of his weapon,” said Pawlak. “This could have been a self-defense shooting, much like a police officer would encounter.”

Once the suspect ran off, the man called 911 and told police he used his CCW handgun to protect himself.

“He did everything right,” said Pawlak. “If you would happen to display a CCW weapon or use a weapon, call and let us do an investigation on what happened.”

Although it's clear on the Wisconsin Department of Justice's website that it is well within a person's CCW rights to reveal their firearm or use it for self-defense when there’s an immediate threat, Pawlak said it should still be considered last resort.

“If you have any other option, like to run, flee or drive away, do those first. But should you need to, and you have a CCW license and you’re legal to carry, then use for self-defense when necessary,” said Pawlak. “Our victim held his ground. He must have got some compliance right away where he didn’t felt he needed to shoot.”

Because South Webster is a high traffic area, Pawlak said they are asking for area businesses for their surveillance video. They are also asking neighbors in the area to look at their own security systems to see if they caught the suspect on camera.

“So hopefully we can get a picture of the suspect to release to you. We don't have that right now. All we have is he is male, black, with Chicago Bears stocking hat, black sweatshirt, blue jeans and brown, relatively new work boots,” said Pawlak.

If you recognize the description, do not approach the suspect. You are asked to call authorities right away at (920) 391-7450.

If you would like to learn more about Wisconsin’s concealed carry permits, head to the