200+ medical volunteers prepare for Cellcom Green Bay Marathon

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) -- T minus 4 days until the 2018 Cellcom Green Bay Marathon kicks off, making its way through downtown Green Bay and past the WBAY Studios.

Ahead of the big day, Action 2 News crews heard from volunteers and medical experts working to keep runners safe on their big day.

“It’s really fun to support other people that are choosing to run, and kind of putting themselves to the test,” says Megan Pharr, a medical volunteer for the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon.

From sprained ankles to dehydration, lots can go wrong over the course of 26.2 miles.

That’s why this weekend, medical staff will be on-hand for any kind of emergency.

“We have medical providers who are in the medical tents, a lot of licensed medical trainers on the course, EMT's, first responders, a lot of nurses. We'll have a couple ER docs, with ER nurses,” says Dr. Jeremy Metzler, Medical Director for the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon.

That’s not including the more than 200 medical volunteers, spread out at 26 stations across the race course.

“We kind of stay up to the gold standard. We have a medical station every mile and a half on the course,” Dr. Metzler explains. “Those are alternated with water stations. So runners can be in contact either a water station or medical station every three quarters of a mile.”

This year marks Pharr’s 10th year of medical volunteering. She tells Action 2 News, she keeps coming back because of the energy race day brings.

“You kind of get to see all of Green Bay and people at their best, truthfully,” she says. “And I also have to say that sometimes you see people who aren't feeling that great, and it's really nice to offer them compassion when they're not feeling good.”

To stay safe on the course, experts remind runners to stay hydrated throughout the race. They say, if you’ve completed your training and stick to what works for you, you will be ready to go by Sunday.

Tune in to Action 2 News This Morning: Weekend Edition on Sunday, for live interviews and looks as runners take to the course.

Between runners, spectators and volunteers, 20 thousand people are expected at this year's marathon, sponsored by Prevea Health.