1st day of Mile of Music adjusts for rain

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APPLETON, Wis. Rain in the forecast shifted some acts indoors for Mile of Music Thursday evening.

But music fans, didn’t let a little precipitation, keep them from having a good time.

"We weren't sure what to expect with the weather being such an iffy thing today," said Mile of Music’s Dave Willems.

Mile of Music prepared for a night of rain by moving the acts on Houdini Plaza into the Radisson Paper Valley Hotel.

The rain mostly held off, but even with the chance of rain the avenue and venues brought in a strong crowd.

"Look out on the avenue, it seems like the crowds are a little stronger than they've been on the past festivals on the past Thursday nights," said Willems.

All together about 40 acts played Thursday.

Some during Thursday’s afternoon storm

But Appleton Beer Factory believes that actually helped draw people in.

"The first act was more than I anticipated,” Appleton Beer Factory’s Ben Fogle said. “Then the second act was way more than I anticipated, the third act, I mean, I think we were at capacity basically by the second act."

Mile of music says rain does help to pack inside venues.

"2 years ago when we had our all Friday rain, the venues had record festivals that year," said Willems.

With a four day festival, only time will tell how Thursday’s showers affect overall attendance for the event's fifth year.