Accused fake doctor charged in Outagamie County court

Published: Dec. 5, 2018 at 3:32 PM CST
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An Appleton man accused of posing as a doctor is being held on $200,000 bond on 18 criminal counts.

The prosecutors' 20-page criminal complain details conversations investigators had with four patients and the defendant, Kyle Larsen.

"He had given... somebody a flu shot. He had given some other medications that people had taken that are unknown at this time, Somebody else received a medication with red drops that they were suppose to take. Some of these people took all the medication so there's nothing left," District Attorney Melinda Tempelis said.

According to the complaint:

Larsen, 32, presented himself to patients as Dr. Kyle Ellis at his practice, Medical Psychology of Wisconsin LLC, on E. Wisconsin Ave.

They say Larsen gave Ritalin and Amoxicillin to patients without a prescription; gave a patient diagnosed with schizophrenia a shot, which Larsen later said was a flu shot; and gave liquid concoctions, including a blue liquid and a prescription medication mixed with water and oil, to a patient with depression.

The complaint says in one case, he contacted a patient's employer and provided them with updates on her treatment. She ended up resigning from her job.

That patient told police "Dr. Ellis" also texted her, many times some days, with very inappropriate messages.

Some of his patients found him through Craigslist ads, others from Facebook friend referrals.

He didn't accept insurance and made everyone pay in cash. One patient paid him $20 and he said he would continue treating her for free.

Larsen told investigators he was a licensed practical nurse but lost his job after he was arrested for theft, and it was hard to get a nursing job after that. He was working as a janitor, and had the idea to start a medical practice with a real doctor, but he had a hard time getting started. He also admitted his practice isn't really a limited liability corporation because he couldn't afford the paperwork for an LLC.

The prescription Ritalin and Amoxicillin patients were his own, he said.

Asked where he got the medical equipment for his office, Larsen said he bought it off Craigslist, at garage sales and from a retired chiropractor. Police also say Larsen broke into a dental office in his Wisconsin Ave. office building to steal equipment and a prescription pad.

Larsen was charged Wednesday with six felony counts of theft by false representation.

Other felony charges include manufacturing or delivering a prescription drug and maintaining a drug trafficking place.

Four counts of practicing medicine or surgery without a license, three counts of practicing pharmacy without a license, and two counts of unlicensed practice of psychology are misdemeanors.

He's being held on $200,000 cash bond.