Body found in vehicle after woman is arrested, public's help needed

HOWARD, Wis. (WBAY) -- The Brown County Sheriff's Office is asking for your help in solving a case involving child neglect.

Authorities say they were called to a home on the 2000 block of Riverview Drive in the Village of Howard on January 26 after a neighbor reported two children, ages 2 and 6, were outside unsupervised.

According to authorities, the older child said they didn't know where their mother was, and that she had left the night before.

Officers eventually spoke to the mother, Sagal Hussein, 26, who said she ran errands, and was just down the street for about 10 minutes.

Eventually, officers say they discovered information which led them to believe her explanation wasn't accurate, and after confronting her, Hussein added information, saying she was gone for about 40 minutes.

Child Protective Services were then notified, who then placed the children temporarily into the custody of Hussein's mother.

Eventually, officers learned she had a third child, named Josias Marquez, 5.

CPS said they would follow up with Hussein.

The next day, on January 27, a forensic interview was done with the oldest child, and on the 28, an initial interview was done with Hussein by a law enforcement officer and a CPS worker.

During the interview, Hussein stated she was gone for no more than an hour, and Josias was living with his biological father, however during February and March, CPS continued to contact Hussein to try to make contact with Josias.

CPS was then told Josias was with his father out of state, and Hussein didn't provide CPS with an address or phone number for verification.

Authorities say on March 25, the Sheriff's Office and a CPS worker went to Hussein's home and spoke with her, and she wasn't able to explain or verify her whereabouts on the date of the initial call. Authorities add she also wasn't able to produce Josias, or have a way to contact the person caring for him, saying she didn't know it since the person always called
with a private or restricted number.

On March 27, authorities then received information which contradicted Hussein's statement about the identity of Josais' father, and also showed concern Josias hadn't been seen in months.

Hussein was spoken with again, who said she hadn't seen Josias since January 9, 2020, when his father picked him up.

Authorities then applied for a search warrant for her home and her vehicle, saying Josias had a disability, and was described as high-needs, needing extensive care.

On March 30, Hussein was taken into custody for Child Neglect, and the two other children were taken into CPS custody.

Hussein's vehicle was at a Green Bay home, and a warrant was issued for that home, as well as the vehicle.

The State Crime Lab was then asked to process the inside of the vehicle for evidence, and on March 31, the vehicle was taken to Madison to the Crime Lab so it could be searched.

Authorities say a body was found inside Husseins' vehicle.

At this time, an identification hasn't been confirmed for the body, however an autopsy has been performed.

Hussein appeared for a probable cause hearing on various criminal charges, and was given a $500,000 cash bond, and is next scheduled to be in court on April 15.

If you have seen Josias since November 25, 2019, you're asked to contact the Brown County Sheriff's Office and ask for Sergeant Brian Slinger, or Sergeant Randy Lind.

Sgt. Slinger can be reached at 920-448-4404, and Sgt. Lind can be reached at 920-448-6184.

If you have witnessed abuse or neglect to Josias, or to Hussein's other children, you're also asked to contact authorities.

An investigation is still underway.