Where do we get the music for StormCenter 2 24/7?

Published: Jan. 1, 2019 at 5:00 PM CST
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If you've watched StormCenter 24/7 and asked yourself, "Where do they get that music?" you are not alone. We're always happy to hear from our viewers who enjoy it -- and we frequently do!

It’s not available for purchase on CD (as far as we know), but you can listen for free through a website.

For music that we can use in commercials, videos and weather channel, WBAY has a licensing agreement with a company called Warner/Chappell.

If you go to

, you can access their very large production music library. You can browse their catalogs, click on any CDs you like and listen for free.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a complete list of the songs we’re playing on 24/7 -- our music choices vary, and during the holiday season we use Warner/Chappell's holiday selections -- but here are some of the CD numbers we use. Enter these numbers in the search box, and you'll see the various soundtracks:

• FN 402

• IMCD3163

• IPM077

• NSPS275

• NSPS282

• NSPS283

• NSPS284

• NSPS285

• TL102

When you click on a song to play, it also shows information on the right side of the screen about the track, the production company, the composer, etc – which may help if you wanted to search and see if any of that music is available for personal purchase through Amazon or iTunes, etc. If not, you can at least pull it up on your computer from this website and play it anytime!

We hope this information helps. Thank you for watching ... and listening!

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