Unique Decorations for this Holiday Season

Sponsored - Thanks to Pinterest and other DIY websites, the market demand for handmade gift projects is higher than ever this year! The value of a hand designed gift is also more appreciated than ever as well, with a skyrocketing growth in interest in giving unique one of a kind gifts that are not mass produced. Businesses like Life’s a Stitch in De Pere, WI are responding to the demand with more options than ever before for consumers looking for just the right project. And every square inch of the store is poised to get the DIY creative juices flowing to make that unique one of a kind holiday gift.

“We have so many different patterns and project ideas at the store,” said Mikey Stencil, owner of Life’s a Stitch. “For the coffee drinker, mug rugs that protect your furniture under your coffee mug are really popular this year, and can include sewing or embroidery to embellish them.”

Also very popular for the coffee drinker in your life, an environmentally friendly handmade coffee cozy. These personalized wraps for your travel mug replace that disposable cardboard holder and include some adorable designs.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced level sewer, the options for projects to create as gifts or even to create as a business are eye popping.

“Also really popular this year are hostess gifts like a handmade cloth wine gift bag,” said Stencil. “These little bags are so easy, made from a pattern and you can get so creative adding different touches for the handle like a zipper”

Another project Life’s a Stitch is seeing quickly growing in popularity is designing a unique embellishment for a cute mat to use under a candle or bowl of candy. Use embroidery or applique for a pop of color or to add darling holiday whimsy to the one of a kind project.

Feeling like it’s already too late for a handmade gift? Think again, there are a number of options available for the quick and easy stocking stuffer.

“We have a lot projects that are quick and easy to sew,” Stencil said. “One idea is a handy USB stick holder that includes small pockets that hold USB sticks. Another idea is a small pocket to carry on your key fob that holds chapstick or lipstick. Or a pretty handmade gift card holder that you make yourself to create a special way to give a gift card. And they can use it as a little wallet afterwards.”

The best way to get that project off the ground is to walk the aisles of the store where you can get one on one advice along with tricks of the trade for making a personalized gift like no other under the tree this year.