Sidelined by Injury? Get back in the Game Faster!

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Sponsored - Youth sports is more competitive than ever before and for many kids there is a lot of pressure to perform at a top level. With kids specializing in sports at an earlier age, injuries are showing up more frequently. The push to get back in action as soon as possible is a real concern and now there’s a new weapon in treating those sidelining injuries that is getting a lot of attention as a way to get kids back in the game faster than ever.

Clinics like Northwoods Family Physical Medicine are finding great success using what’s called Platelet Rich Plasma, or PRP.

“PRP is a procedure we use in our office where we extract your blood and spin it at a very high speed in our centrifuge machine to get the good stuff; the plasma and platelets are separated from the blood to create the platelet rich plasma,” said Jonie Panick, Marketing Director at Northwoods Family Physical Medicine. “We take that out and inject the concentrated platelets back to where your body needs some healing.”

The procedure integrates the body’s natural healing process to treat joint, tendon, muscle and ligament injuries as well as cartilage degeneration and a wide variety of chronic and neurologic conditions.

“What PRP does is it repairs the damaged tissues in our body,” Panick explained. “For instance if you have an athlete on the track field, they’re doing a lot of running and their knees start to hurt, we can actually repair the damage that is being done while they’re running. Maybe they're on the basketball court and sprain an ankle, or throwing a football and hurt their shoulder, PRP can help with all sorts of injuries.”

As a parent, choosing PRP over other treatment options to help with your child’s recovery is a great new option.

“PRP uses your body’s own plasma, so it is a natural option you can choose that is also minimally invasive and it really helps your athlete get back on the field as quick as they can so they’re not missing those big games,” Panick said.

At Northwoods Family Physical Medicine Dr. Danny Yarger and Physician Assistant Dr. Diana Hardy are seeing great success with their young patients but also with their weekend warrior parents as well.

“Maybe you're out there training for a 5-K with your kids and maybe you get hurt too, we can absolutely treat your injuries too,” Panick said.