No Need to Stay Home: Natural Treatment Cures Incontinence

Sponsored - You may not want to tell your friends about it and it may be keeping you from joining in social activities. For millions of women laughing too hard, moderate exercises or even just sneezing can be the cause of embarrassing incontinence that can be inconvenient and cause emotional distress. Women are more twice as likely than men to have this issue and pregnancy, childbirth and menopause are common reasons why women struggle with the issue.

Now there’s a new treatment that can help women regain bladder control they lost using what’s called Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP. It’s regenerative treatment that has been used for years in orthopedic medicine to treat injuries and is now finding great success in other areas of health care.

“PRP is a procedure we use in our office where we extract your blood and spin it at a very high speed in our centrifuge machine to get the good stuff; the plasma and platelets are separated from the blood to create Platelet Rich Plasma,” said Jonie Panick, Marketing Director at Northwoods Family Physical Medicine.

“PRP can help incontinence by rebuilding those muscle tissues in your body,” said Panick. “There are two common types of incontinence we see; stress incontinence when you’re laughing or running or doing any type of activity and you just can’t hold it in anymore. And then the second type is urge incontinence. That’s where you’re just running to the bathroom constantly and you can’t stop that from happening. PRP can treat both of those conditions.”
PRP can be effective in reversing some of the damage that caused incontinence and the treatment is simple, quick and relatively pain free.

“Spinning down of the blood takes a couple minutes, maybe 20 minutes tops,” Panick said. “Then you’ll be numbed in the area and we will do a less than 5 minute injection in the muscle right below the bladder.”

“Results can actually be immediate for some people,” Panick said. “Everybody is different, but within a couple of weeks you’ll see some improvement. PRP is very safe. It’s putting your body’s own natural healing mechanisms in a concentrated form into your body so there really is nothing unnatural there.”

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