Best Windows to Keep Winter Out

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Sponsored - Bitter cold, snow, and howling winds are just around the corner with another Wisconsin winter on the way. This time of year can be a reminder of just how much cold air your windows allow into your home. Consumer reports says replacing windows just to save money on energy bills probably isn’t a good enough reason to purchase all new windows, but if you are seeing rotting around the frame or condensation you probably need an upgrade. Maybe your windows are unsightly or hard to operate, or they are just too drafty. Whatever the reason, now that cold weather is almost here it may seem like it’s already too late to replace your windows. Not so, says Carl Hardtke, President of Windows of Wisconsin.

“The best time to replace your windows is the time that works with your schedule,” Hardtke said. “We install windows year round. You can absolutely have it done in the winter time.”

“We use a more careful process so we make sure that everything is protected,” Hardtke explained. “We go into one of the bedrooms and replace windows in there and it would take us maybe an hour and we would have the door shut and we’d finish that room and move on to the next room. You could be in the kitchen having your coffee nice and warm and cozy.”

Another year round challenge when it comes to replacing windows, is choosing what type you want and need. The two main styles are casement or double hung windows. Once you determine the style the next challenge may be matching different decor styles and different finishes in all the rooms of your home.

“That can really be a challenge,” Hardtke said. “You won’t be able to find a window on a shelf that will match all the different wood grains that you have. But we offer the Marvin Infinity Ultrex Fiberglass window and one of it’s main features that are attractive to moms is that we can custom stain it no matter if every room is different in your home.”

“Before you start shopping I would consult with friends and family who have had this type of work done and then pick a few locations and visit their show rooms,” Hardtke said. “We have a wonderful new showroom in Kaukauna. We have three manufacturers under one roof and it’s a no hassle experience.”

Once in the showroom you can see all the advances in design, quality hardware, and even factory installed screens that make newer windows much easier to operate and clean as well as much more energy efficient.