Lena Blietz

Action 2 News reporter
Appleton, Wis.
Lena Blietz

I’m Lena Blietz (LEE-nah bl-EE-ts) and I'm happy to live in the land of my beloved Packers!

I grew up in Austin and moved back to my hometown during the pandemic. I’m really looking forward to my move to Appleton, but I don’t know a soul there so let’s please be friends!

I’ve worked as a sports/news MMJ and sports anchor at KBZK in Bozeman, MT, a video producer at the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, and a sports/news MMJ at Spectrum News 1 in Austin and San Antonio.

The opportunities I’ve had to work as a reporter all over the country (and world!) are very important to me. I am interested in getting to know different people, communities, and mindsets, in order to be a better journalist.

After two years at Ole Miss, I transferred to TCU (don’t talk to me about the national championship) where I graduated with a B.A. in journalism. I also have an M.S.J. from Northwestern University.

My two cats are named after characters from Friday Night Lights (the TV show) –– an 8-year-old tuxedo named Tim Riggins and a 3-year-old white baby with little gray eyebrows named Six.

Find me: @lenablietz on Twitter/IG/TikTok and I’ll follow y’all back!

If anyone has suggestions about where to live in the Appleton area, I’m all ears.

Can’t wait to meet y’all and am mentally preparing to relearn how to live in the snow,