Holly Brantley

Holly Brantley

Holly Brantley was basically born a Broadcast Journalist. But she didn’t know it at first. She grew up writing works of fiction and winning speech contests, but it wasn’t until she was chosen to be a part of her Junior High School newspaper staff and the ‘Kid Reporter’ for the local television in the same year that she discovered her gift was in writing speaking the truth. Her first interview ever was with Barbara Bush at a local fair during campaign '92. Holly was just 12 years old.

She grew up in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. In fact, her father was the Operations Manager at KFVS, a CBS affiliate where she got her start. She began just ten days after graduating from the University of Missouri. She’s held every job from floor director to producer to reporter to main anchor. Wearing multiple hats amid organized chaos is her specialty. During her career she’s worked in not only Southern Missouri but also Montana, Kentucky and London, England. Just two years ago she earned her stripes in Northeast Wisconsin as part of the team at the NBC affiliate. She fell in love with the lakes and is thrilled to have found her way back.

She loves kayaking, hiking, and Broadway shows. When it comes to sports, she lives for STL Cardinal Baseball and every chance to yell: GO PACK GO!

Holly is the proud mom of Goldendoodle Jolene, three polydactyl cats and four betta fish. Her very own animal planet.

She says she never feels more alive than when she’s covering a story… writing from the heart… connecting with people… and sharing her skills as a true journalist.

She is so proud to be a part of the WBAY team and make even more friends and memories in Green Bay.