Stephen Preisler - aka “Uncle Fester” - sees his case “just fall apart”

A newly amended criminal complaint was filed
Published: Aug. 9, 2023 at 5:50 PM CDT
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GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - The Green Bay man known as “Uncle Fester” appeared in court today for his preliminary hearing, but it didn’t continue as planned.

Police arrested Stephen Preisler in mid-July after searching his home on South Baird Street in Green Bay as part of a day-long drug investigation. Police reported finding around $65,000 worth of methamphetamine, chemicals, and the equipment used to make drugs. He’s one of six people arrested in the case.

Stephen Preisler spoke in court: “There is the misidentification of several items, a half-pound of potassium carbonate.”

Court Commissioner Paul Burke responded: “Hold on a sec, I’m not getting into the merits of it.”

65-year-old Stephan Preisler once again did not have a lawyer - but gave several reasons why he says he’s struggling to get one.

“Well, how I’m going to be able to hire an attorney with $100,000 bail stuck underneath that is a very good question and it’s much too high. Secondly, If I get to some of the specifics of these charges there’s a misidentification materials.”

Court Commissioner Paul Burke interrupted: “I don’t want you to get into the specifics of it, we’re not there yet.”

A newly amended criminal complaint was filed. Preisler said he hadn’t seen that yet - so the court provided him with a copy.

The changes are minimal and do not impact the potential penalties.

Preisler said he sent a four-page letter to the court and the district attorney’s office. What the letter entails is unknown as both the court and district attorney said they never received it - but Preisler brought up not being able to access funds at his financial institution.

He also wanted to tell the court commissioner arguments he made at his initial appearance - claiming that items found in the house were misidentified.

Stephen Preisler: “This whole case will just fall apart. Once the true identity of those three items claimed to be crack cocaine, claim to be a half pound of methamphetamine, claim to be a half gallon methamphetamine mixture, as potassium carbonate, sodium sulfate, and Bo beep ammonia detergent.”

Court Commissioner Paul Burke responded: “Mr. Preisler, those are things you’ll talk about with your attorney,”

Preisler ultimately agreed to waive his time limit requirements to try and get a lawyer - pushing back his preliminary hearing.

He’s scheduled back in court on August 18, 2023.