Go Baby Go! gives child with special needs his own set of wheels

Children's Wisconsin and FVTC students are making a difference for a Clintonville family
Published: Jun. 12, 2023 at 7:05 AM CDT
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CLINTONVILLE, Wis. (WBAY) - A collaboration between Children’s Wisconsin and Fox Valley Technical College is helping local children with special needs have more mobility. It’s part of a nationwide program called Go Baby Go! And it’s having an impact for one family in Clintonville.

At 19 months old, Myles Hill is the owner of a brand-new Lamborghini.

Well, it’s a little smaller than your usual Lamborghini, but it was made just for Myles.

Go Baby Go! puts together specially fitted electric ride-on cars for children with special needs.

Lisa Hill, Myles’s mom, said about his brothers, “They were a little concerned because some of the things they wanted to do when we found out we were pregnant was to teach him how to ride a bike and all these things, and when we found out he had Down syndrome they were worried they wouldn’t be able to do some of those things. So this is amazing. They get to teach him how to use this, and he gets to go along on our bike rides and our walks, and gives Myles a little more freedom, too, so they can see that he’s just like every other kid.”

After months of fittings and modifications, Myles is taking his ride-on Lamborghini for a spin.

“It was making sure he was in the right age, right size to get into the car, too. It’s been honestly amazing because Children’s has helped along the way with every step,” mom Lisa says of the process.

And thanks to donors and the hard work of some FVTC engineering students, it’s free for families.

“I might as well use my knowledge to help other people,” Arlos Luna, a member of the FVTC Automation and Electronics Club, said. “We can start with something as basic as [modifying] a car, but those kids will appreciate it.”

And Myles is catching on fast, celebration some new milestones.

“We’ve been practicing with a little button. A friend made us a little button to practice with,” Lisa said. “As you saw, he would keep pushing, pushing pushing, but not holding it, and then to see in a short period of time that he understands, I push it and I go, so those little steps are huge steps for us.”

Those huge steps are helping Myles gain more mobility, independence and confidence, leading to more fun time just being a kid with big brothers.

“Pretty sure his two older brothers are going to take him out for a spin,” their mom said, adding, “Not with the remote, though. They won’t get that.”