Packers fans give mixed reactions to the news of Aaron Rodgers trade

Published: Apr. 24, 2023 at 11:39 PM CDT
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GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - Following the news of Aaron Rodgers being traded to the New York Jets, Packers fans had mixed reactions to the news. While some are going to miss Rodgers, others said it’s time to move on with backup quarterback Jordan Love.

“Obviously a great player,” Dan Larson said. “One of the best I’ve ever seen play but I think it was time for them to move on so you know I guess I’ll miss some of the great throws but I think it really is time for them to move to Jordan Love.”

“I mean he was great,” Mike Malone said. “I loved him. He’s been one of two quarterbacks for the last 20-plus years it’s been amazing to have him so I’m happy for him.”

Shelly Decremer said she found out just as she walked into Stadium View and looked on Facebook.

“Like literally like I sat down at the bar and I was like ‘oh my husband is going to go to the bathroom quick I’m just going to quick go on Facebook’ and that was the first thing I seen and I was like ‘what, oh my god this is like awesome news’ and like my husband didn’t even know,” Decremer said. “I had to tell him. He had no clue.”

Harry Peck said he grew up with Bart Starr, loved Brett Favre, and got used to Aaron Rodgers but he’s ready for a new quarterback.

”The time has come to give Love a chance just like Rodgers got a chance and just like when Favre got a chance when number seven went down,” Peck said.

Malone was inside the Packers Pro Shop buying a Jordan Love jersey. He like many other fans are excited for the Jordan Love era to begin.

”I thought he looked really good,” Larson said. “I thought he looked composed in the pocket. I thought his reads looked good. I’m excited. I think he has a lot of potential.”

“He lives up to his name,” Decremer said. “He comes out and he’s just got love and it shows. It shows. It’s phenomenal. Like he’ll come out. He knows he’s not Brett Favre. He knows he’s not going to come out and be a three-time MVP but he comes out and he gives it all he has. And he tries. Puts the effort into it. Like it’s phenomenal.”

“He can move,” Peck said. “He can get out of the pocket. He can run. The quarterbacks gotta be able to run somewhat without getting hurt. He’s gotta have more reps. He’s gotta be in charge. It’s time. It’s the same thing that happened with Rodgers and he took over and look what happened to him.”

Decremer said she is really excited for Green Bay following the news.

All of us fans we’re super pumped about this news,” Decremer said. “Nobody is at home crying on the couch.”