3 BRILLIANT MINUTES: How a social media diet can benefit mental and physical health

And why looks can be deceiving when it comes to food
Sometimes less is more, particularly when it comes to food consumption
Published: Mar. 9, 2023 at 6:18 PM CST
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GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - Separating yourself from social media can be very good for the mind - that is something many surveys have found out.

However, a British study conducted by scientists at the University of Swansea in Wales now found out that staying away from social media for 15 minutes a day can improve physical health as well.

Researchers enlisted 50 people, 33 female and 17 male, from the age group 20-25 and split them into two groups: The first group was asked to stay away from social media for 15 minutes a day, the second group was allowed to do whatever they pleased.

Both groups answered monthly questions about their physical and mental health.

The results after three months: The first group reported a 15% improvement of immune functions, including fewer colds and flu-related illnesses. Also, a 50% improvement in sleep quality was registered, as well as a 30% decline in depressive symptoms.

Also among the findings: Members of the first group not only reduced their social media usage by an average of 40 minutes, much more than the 15 minutes required.

Also from a study coming from the United Kingdom, published on sciencex.com: Globally, around 14% of the food produced is lost after harvesting - not because it’s rotten or spoiled, but because of the way it looks. It never reaches supermarkets or other points of sale.

87% of those surveyed said they’d consider buying food that might look a little wonky. However, merchants remain skeptical and rather don’t offer it in their markets.