Prosecution rests in Grant Fuhrman attempted-murder trial

The trauma surgeon treated both Officer Mike Wissink, who was stabbed, and defendant Grant Fuhrman, who was shot
Published: Jan. 31, 2023 at 6:41 PM CST
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OSHKOSH, Wis. (WBAY) - The prosecution rested its case in Grant Fuhrman’s trial for attacking a liaison officer at Oshkosh West High School in 2019. The former student, now 20, is charged with attempted murder but contends he wasn’t trying to kill the officer.

The prosecution called several experts to the witness stand Tuesday, including a trauma surgeon who cared for Officer Mike Wissink, who’d been stabbed, and Fuhrman, who had been shot. The State asked the doctor about each patient’s injuries.

In cross-examination, the defense wanted to focus on the possibility that there were items in Officer Wissink’s office that could have caused some of the injuries during the struggle between Fuhrman and Wissink.

The defense raised questions about broken glass from a picture frame in the office. Both the State and the defense took quick re-cross and re-direct on that question.

The State ultimately brought in Exhibit 87, which is the two-pronged serving fork investigators say Fuhrman used in the attack.

“Could an instrument like that have caused the injury to Officer Wissink’s neck?” prosecutor Tracy Paider asked.

“Yes,” said the surgeon, Dr. Ryan Bly.

“How is that, if it’s a two-pronged instrument?” Paider asked.

“The other prong doesn’t enter the skin. Again, with variability and rotation of the neck, angle of entry, you could get one of these tongs in fairly deep without the other one necessarily touching the neck, depending on the angle,” Dr. Bly explained.

The State also showed security video from inside the school we haven’t seen before. It shows the hallway outside Officer Wissink’s office at the moment of the attack.

A digital forensic examiner testified about how messages between Fuhrman and his former girlfriend, who testified Monday, were collected from their phones.

Another special agent, Kyra Schallhorn, who was the lead investigator on this case, comes with years of experience in the field.

The defense asked the lead investigator about body cameras they didn’t have for the investigation.

“Would it have been helpful to you investigating this case to have Officer Wissink’s body cameras to help make sense of the key events?” defense attorney Corey Mehlos asked.

“It would have provided additional views of what happened,” Schallhorn answered.

The defense will begin calling witnesses Wednesday morning.

Fuhrman is accused of trying to stab a school resource officer to death at Oshkosh West High School