Ballerina-turned-football player plans to take her skills to college

A ballerina-turned-football player is hoping to take her skills to college.
A ballerina-turned-football player is hoping to take her skills to college.(WMTV)
Published: Jan. 9, 2023 at 7:36 PM CST
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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV/Gray News) - A high school senior in Wisconsin who took her athletic abilities from the stage to the field is hoping to continue her passion in college.

McKynzee Schepp is a ballerina-turned-football player who just wrapped up her senior year at Marshall High School in Madison. She finished with 37 field goals and earned First-Team All-Conference Honors.

“I just loved it, like I enjoyed it,” she told WMTV. “I’ve been playing since eighth grade.”

Through her high school career, Schepp said she faced diversity and even transferred from Sun Prairie High School to Marshall.

“I got bullied a lot, and I just didn’t feel comfortable,” she said.

Schepp played through all of the struggles, continually falling back on her love of the game to push her forward. Her aim is now to play in college.

Her mother, Kris Ganske, said Schepp has had a lot of ups and downs on her journey.

“Her passion and drive are just incredible,” she said.

Both Ganske and McKynzee’s father, Jacob Shepp, said McKynzee Schepp’s work ethic helped her rise above the hardship, noting the hours she spent at places like Sun Prairie Athletic Club honing her craft.

“Super proud of what she’s done, sort of going against the odds, and already, my understanding is that Marshall, one of the coaches, has a daughter that is sort of following in her footsteps,” Schepp said.

McKynzee Schepp said she hopes to not only continue playing but to inspire other girls to tackle football too.

“I like inspiring younger generations; it makes me happy that girls look up to me,” she said.

McKynzee Schepp said she is considering several schools for college and plans to tour in the spring.