Packers thank their fans by feeding those in need

Left guard Elgton Jenkins and cornerback Rasul Douglas see themselves in the kids at the Boys & Girls Club
Published: Nov. 22, 2022 at 9:44 PM CST
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GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks and give back.

The Green Bay Packers took two opportunities to do so a couple of days before the official holiday.

The Packers are the only organization in American sports to be fully owned by the fans. With the holidays fast approaching, the team is taking every opportunity, like Elgton Jenkins and Rasul Douglas, to thank the fans by feeding those in need.

Jenkins and Douglas spent the late afternoon Tuesday at the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Green Bay, serving children and their families a Thanksgiving meal.

The players know that these same people will support the Packers, either by going to the games or watching on TV. And they see themselves in the kids.

“The Packers, being owned by the fans, we can call them family because of how close-knit the community is,” Packers left guard Elgton Jenkins said, “so just being able to give back to the community is a big part and a role that we play as being a part of the Green Bay Packers.”

“When you see their faces, you see your face as a kid. You know? How you wish people would give back to the certain communities where you’re from,” cornerback Rasul Douglas said. “I can’t speak for [Jenkins], but for me, I grew up [in the] projects. I don’t think it was a lot of people like myself and ‘E’ [Jenkins] there for us to look at, and to look after, or going to be like. So for them to get that means everything to them and for us. To be able to show them that their goals are not that far from them, obviously, means a lot to us as well.”

The community outreach wing of the Packers volunteered to prepare meals for 3,000 people living alone or in need in Brown County this Thanksgiving through the Christian Outreach Ecumenical Ministry.

It’s a partnership 15 years in the making and one that each enjoys.

Jessica Zietler, president of Christian Outreach’s Thanksgiving ministry, said, “With the Packers Giveback, it just seemed to be a perfect fit. They’ve done a great job in the community about helping those that, those organizations that need a little help. This is our only event, so we’re just a bunch of volunteers getting together, and it’s been a great relationship working with them.”

The meals prepared this afternoon will be delivered Thursday morning.

Jenkins and Douglas helped to serve over 200 meals at the Boys and Girls Club.

And they had one last message for everyone:

“Happy Thanksgiving! Go Pack Go! Go Pack Go!”