Parents of Pulaski bonfire explosion victim say ‘He’s improving every day’

Signs for welcoming Brandon Brzeczkowski's home from the hospital
Signs for welcoming Brandon Brzeczkowski's home from the hospital
Published: Nov. 7, 2022 at 6:34 PM CST
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PULASKI, Wis. (WBAY) - “We’ll never be able to repay everybody for what they’ve done,” said Tammy and Bruce Brzeczkowski. “It’s very heartwarming. We know what kind of community we have. That’s why we’re here.”

The Brzeczkowski’s couldn’t be more proud to call Pulaski home after the outpouring of support they’ve received for their son, Brandon, who was badly burned in the Pulaski bonfire explosion last month.

A banner on the front lawn of the Brzeczkowski’s home is the latest sign of support as Brandon continues to recover from his injuries at home. He suffered second and third degree burns on 38 percent of his body after a bonfire explosion. He’s already undergone skin grafts on his hands and has another surgery soon for his legs.

“We’re seeing improvement every day,” said Bruce.

Although there are still some tough days, Tammy said Brandon is focusing on the progress.

“He could have been a lot worse. And I’m like, yeah, it could have been it was really close to his eyes. He could have been blind I mean, anything a little bit different could have meant people might have died in this incident so he knows that even though he wasn’t one of the lucky ones. He is one of the lucky ones for sure,” said Tammy.

The Brzeczkowski’s said the community support is nothing short of amazing. It’s because of donations that they were able to buy a special electric bed and other necessities to help Brandon heal more comfortably at home.

“It’s gonna help a great deal,” said Bruce.

Being more comfortable will also aid in his healing as it is already giving Brandon ideas for the future.

“He’s talking about ice fishing, but I don’t know. I’m a little worried about that,” said Tammy.

With the community support and continued well wishes, Brandon will be back to his activities in no time.

“We’ve got a good strong family. Not just the family, but the community. The community has been unbelievable,” said Tammy and Bruce.