Packers fans travel well -- even across an ocean

Sports director Chris Roth checks out the local hotspots for Packers pep rallies
Published: Oct. 6, 2022 at 9:22 PM CDT
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LONDON (WBAY) - Packers fans are known for traveling well. And as we saw, that even applies to road games that are played across an entire ocean.

Belushi’s Sports Bar, the London Bridge location, is the official home of the Packers Everywhere pep rallies, with one Thursday, one Friday, and a big one coming up on Saturday the day before the Packers-Giants game at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

This place is going all-out to make Packers fans feel at home.

They have a special menu. Topping the menu are a twisted old-fashioned and a bottle of Miller beer, which are never normally served at Belushi’s. On the flip side of the menu, some comfort food for Packers fans: Hot dogs, corn dogs, even cheese curds to make these fans feel right at home.

We pointed out to Cathy Ryan, who’s from North Fond du Lac and was seated at Belushi’s, “You traveled all the way across the Atlantic to go to a sports bar filled with Packers fans. It’s almost like you never left home.”

“Well, it’s different. They don’t have Miller Lite on tap. (Just in cans?) No bottles,” she said.

“My God, it’s the Packer menu, right? It’s got everything you need: Cheese curds, Packer hamburgers, and it’s all -- look at this -- it’s all in yellow and green,” Alan Cherkasky of Kaukauna said in awe of the menu.

“It was honestly very exciting for us to see the branding in the bar. We’ve seen on paper how it would look, and our graph design team did a wonderful job, but to see it actually up and then in person, it’s pretty cool,” Packers fan engagement manager Haylee Helmle said.

Curtis Baeb of Green Bay thinks the staff at Belushi’s is in for a big surprise when they see how Packers fans celebrate with beer and food. “Hurry, hurry, hurry. Go fast. Go real fast. I mean, Wisconsinites are thirsty!”

A Belushi’s employee, identified as Dapo, said, “If anyone should be worried, it should be Packers fans, not us. We’re a crazy bunch.”

We think they’re going to get along famously.