London ho-hum on Packers’ historical game

Packers fans are excited about the team's first trip to London. What do the locals think?
Published: Oct. 6, 2022 at 9:05 PM CDT
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GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - Excitement continues to grow ahead of the Packers’ first-ever regular-season overseas game.

And while a lot of fans back home are expected to get up early for the match-up, the anticipation isn’t universal across the Big Pond.

The Packers making their first appearance in London is a big, big deal for Packers fans, but what about for the people who live and work here? The Packers and Giants will be playing the 32nd NFL game in this city, so is it a big deal to Londoners?

One man told us he doesn’t know anyone who watches NFL football.

Another said, “I know the basic rules: You’ve got four downs to try to get the ball as far as you can before you swap teams.” He admitted he doesn’t watch the games when the NFL teams are in town. “I have been wanting to watch, but they are quite pricey.”

“I’m not aware of who’s playing on Sunday, that’s the thing,” another Londoner told us, “because mostly of course the sport here is rugby, so that’s the main contact sport. However, if people got more mainstream of it, people might be quite interested to see it.”

Has he ever heard of the Green Bay Packers? “I have heard of them once, yes, I have. The more famous ones I’ve heard of, of course, are the L.A. Rams, the Patriots, but I haven’t heard too much about them. I’ve heard the name but not very much about the team.”

We told him the Packers are playing in London this weekend. “Where are they playing at?” Tottenham, we said. “Tottenham, OK. Nice.”

A woman we stopped on the street said, “Football in general is not a great sport. I’m much more of a rugby person, I have to say.”

To be fair, she also told us she’s not a fan of the football they play in the U.K. all the time.