Kewaunee County sheriff’s deputy charged with stalking

Manitowoc County authorities investigated the claims by an ex-girlfriend
Updated: Oct. 3, 2022 at 4:00 PM CDT
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KEWAUNEE, Wis. (WBAY) - A high-ranking deputy in the Kewaunee County Sheriff’s Office is on paid administrative leave after an investigation into his recent conduct with a neighbor came into question.

The Manitowoc County Sheriff’s Office investigated the case and released the criminal complaint.

After a complaint came into the Kewaunee County Sheriff’s Office a couple of weeks ago, two detectives from Manitowoc County investigated Eric Pieschek’s conduct with his neighbor. They found it to fall in line with 2 of the 11 statutes of stalking.

The victim told investigators she used to date Pieschek back in 2018, even moved in with him, but they parted ways in February of this year. She left his property while also asking him to stop contacting her.

The complaint says Pieschek sent a photo to the victim in May of her barn with a caption “Pretty sad for a 55-year-old... who resorts to being a thief and a lure. Nice bench. Any other gifts you want back?”

After that, the complaint continues to say there were numerous sightings by the victim of Pieschek on or skirting the property line.

Pieschek also sent letters to the victim describing his love for her. That started in August, and Pieschek reportedly went as far as to send letters to her friends or neighbors to explain his relationship with the victim.

With those examples, the stalking statutes that fall in line with Pieschek’s alleged behavior would be these: Appearing at the victim’s home, and possibly contacting the victim’s neighbors; and sending material to the victim -- the letters -- or to friends in order to disseminate information about the victim.

Pieschek is on paid administrative leave, but Kewaunee County Sheriff Matt Joski told Action 2 News he’s proud of the way his department and Manitowoc County handled the situation. He’s also prepared to let the justice system handle the rest of it.

Pieschek is the director of operations for the department and is not involved in any pending cases.