Prosecutors: Green Bay man plotted girlfriend’s murder from jail

Brown County is having a difficult time finding an attorney to take his case
Published: Aug. 11, 2022 at 10:31 AM CDT|Updated: Aug. 11, 2022 at 4:37 PM CDT
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GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - An inmate at the Brown County Jail is accused of a murder-for-hire plot, offering drugs and money for someone to kill his girlfriend.

Luis Dejesus-Gonzalez, 35, is charged with conspiracy to commit First Degree Intentional Homicide-Domestic Abuse. He faces additional penalties if he’s convicted because of a history of domestic abuse, including battery and criminal damage to property.

At a hearing Thursday, the court commissioner discussed the difficulty finding a public defender for him.

“The most recent update I have is dated yesterday in the case. They made 166 contacts with private Bar attorneys in an effort to locate counsel for Mr. DeJesus-Gonzalez. There’s a limited number of attorneys who are winning to take cases at the public defender’s office at the rate of pay provided,” Commissioner Chad Resar said.

The criminal complaint details allegations by a witness who was in jail with Dejesus-Gonzalez and said he was upset that his girlfriend didn’t post his bond. According to the informant, Dejesus-Gonzalez had drugs and money in a storage unit, and she was supposed to sell the drugs to pay his bond but she didn’t and the drugs and money were gone. Dejesus-Gonzalez was trying to arrange for someone to plant drugs on her to get her sent to jail “so she knew how it felt.”

A few weeks later, Dejesus-Gonzalez found out another man was living in his girlfriend’s apartment. Now he wanted her killed, according to the informant, and offered $8,000, a Cadillac truck, and a half-kilo of cocaine to the cellmate to arrange for the cellmate’s cousins from Chicago to kill her.

The cellmate went to a jail officer, and investigators provided him with a recording device. Prosecutors say that in the recordings Dejesus-Gonzalez offered the girlfriend’s garage code and suggested killing her in the garage so the new boyfriend would fall under suspicion.

Dejesus-Gonzalez gave his cellmate a photo of his girlfriend so his cousins knew who to kill, along with her home and work address, a description of her truck, and her mother’s address.

When investigators questioned Dejesus-Gonzalez, he said he found out his girlfriend had a new boyfriend and ended the conversation on good terms. When investigators asked if he knew anyone who wanted to have her killed, Dejesus-Gonzalez said no. He added that the new boyfriend was hitting her after finding out she was talking with Dejesus-Gonzalez.

When an investigator asked Dejesus-Gonzalez if he was trying to arrange for the murder, Dejesus-Gonzalez said that would be a lie. He said he loved his girlfriend and wouldn’t want anything bad to happen, then he stopped the questioning and asked for an attorney.

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