Semi toppled, farms damaged in quick and powerful storms

Damage that happened in seconds will take days to clean up
Published: Aug. 3, 2022 at 5:18 AM CDT|Updated: Aug. 3, 2022 at 4:13 PM CDT
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GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - It was a small storm, but it packed a big punch.

Quick and powerful storms Wednesday morning toppled a semi truck and damaged barns and bigger structures in its path.

Action 2 News viewer Mandy Froehlich tweeted video of winds whipping up her patio furniture in Dundas, just outside of Kaukauna. “When the heavy metal patio table got taken, that was my cue to head to the basement,” Mandy writes.

In the town of Harrison, a dozen barn roofs were torn off their buildings. A farmer who was out here during the storm says while it was a scary situation to be in, the whole thing was over in seconds.

”I was parked in front of my shed and protecting my shed doors, and all of a sudden the wind blew my shed doors right off right next to me and then there was a swirling wind for about 10 seconds,” Mike Meyerhofer described.

“It seemed like an upward damage. On my silos, the top 40 feet of each silo is all buckled in,” he continued.

The storm was streamlined as it made its way from the north side of Lake Winnebago across the shoreline.

“From what I understand from the weather service it was a downburst of straightline winds event, and we don’t know how strong those winds were, but it was able to take down a lot of barns, a lot of trees, and take down the power in the northwest north central area of our county,” Bernie Sorenson of Calumet County Emergency Management said.

A gust of 79 mph was measured with the storm in Calumet County, according to First Alert Meteorologist Keith Gibson. Winds aloft were sampled well above 60 mph.

Gusts were powerful enough to tip a semi truck. From her home, Action 2 News viewer Debbie Logue snapped photos of a truck tipped on its side in the area of Highways 10 and 55.


A semi truck flips during a storm. Photo: Debbie Logue
A semi truck flips during a storm. Photo: Debbie Logue(Debbie Logue)

Calumet County Emergency Management said while there’s not a lot you can do in these situations, being in the know about severe weather should be a top priority, especially during storm season.

“I think the best thing you can do is just always be aware, especially if you are more vulnerable to weather -- we all are, some more than others depending on your situation -- to make yourself aware beforehand. Make sure you know the weather that day, and then continually check back and make sure you have those other devices like weather apps, severe weather radios and just being proactive about your weather information,” Sorenson said.

Action 2 News videojournalist Bill Kumbalek also took photos and video at the scene.

Semi truck flips in storm. Aug. 3, 2022
Semi truck flips in storm. Aug. 3, 2022(WBAY)

Also at 55 and 10, a farmer told us he tried to protect his barn doors during the storm. His three silos were damaged. He said the storm lasted about 20 seconds.

Storms damage a farm in Calumet County.
Storms damage a farm in Calumet County.(WBAY)

Power lines and trees were damaged. Wisconsin Public Service is working to restore power to those who lost it during the storms. The utility says most everyone should have electricity back Wednesday night or early Thursday.

CLICK HERE for the WPS outage map.

The NWS received a report of 0.75 hail in Potter.

There are multiple storm reports in Manitowoc County. Downed trees and storm damage have been reported in Maribel, Menchalville, Larrabee and Two Creeks.

“Now I think it’s just a matter of local first responders and utilities cleaning up, getting the power restored, and just getting back to life as normal,” Sorenson said.





“Unsettled weather continues today. Look for areas of rain and storms this morning with additional storm chances this afternoon. Some storms today may be locally strong to severe with gusty winds, small hail, heavy rainfall, and frequent lightning. Even non-severe criteria wind gusts over 40 mph may cause some damage and/or issues,” Keith says.

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