Abortion, inflation hot topics at Democratic U.S. Senate primary debate

Democrats hoping to challenge Ron Johnson for his U.S. Senate seat met for a debate Sunday at Marquette University.
Published: Jul. 17, 2022 at 10:11 PM CDT
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MILWAUKEE, Wis. (WBAY) - Democrats hoping to challenge Ron Johnson for his U.S. Senate seat met for a debate Sunday at Marquette University.

The event comes as absentee voting for the August primary is a little more than a week away.

While every Democrat running for U.S. Senate could agree that abortion rights should be codified in the law—Tom Belson also blamed those who did not vote in 2016.

That includes the only woman sharing the stage.

“We need to expand the Supreme court because Republicans have stacked because of Donald Trump. He was able to get free appointments and he was able to get free appointments because in 2016 people here did not turn out to vote. Including Sarah Godlewski,” U.S. Senate Democratic Candidate Tom Nelson said.

“As the only woman on this stage I don’t need to be lectured by any men on how important the 2016 election was,” Democratic Candidate Godlewski responded.

Action 2 News asked Godlewski for further clarification following the debate.

She replied, “Well I quit my job in 2016. I moved home to a temporary apartment to be Hilary Clinton’s director for women’s outreach. While I was living in a temporary apartment I wasn’t a permanent resident of Wisconsin.”

The other big concern was inflation, which happens to be the number one concern among voters according to recent polling.

“We need to build things here in the long term so we’re not subject to supply chain issues or foreign conflicts overseas that drive up costs and then we have to hold the oil gas companies and also pharmaceutical companies accountable for using inflation as a smoke screen to continue to jack up prices,” Lt. Gov. and Senate Candidate Mandela Barnes said.

“The best thing we can do is we’re raising wages and building more things here in America and that’s what our plan has called for and that’s what I have a track record of delivering on. When it came to raising wages, I’ve done that. We pay a $15 minimum wage in the Bucks arena,” Senate Candidate Alex Lasry said.

The other candidate on stage, Steven Olikara, is hoping to make up ground with statewide exposure.

“These are voters who feel politically disillusioned who are turning away from politics, who feel politically homeless. We’re bringing them into our camp and you know what, I believe that’s the key to defeating Ron Johnson this year.”

The winner of the Democratic primary on August 9 goes on to face Senator Ron Johnson in the general election this November.

Johnson is seeking his third term in office.

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