Miron hosts “Build Like a Girl” event, hoping to attract girls to construction jobs

Girls in 7th to 10th grades were exposed to careers in building, including crane operating, carpentry and masonry
Published: Jun. 22, 2022 at 4:10 PM CDT
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MENASHA, Wis. (WBAY) - Miron Construction continues to expose young women to careers in the construction industry. The Neenah-based company held its annual “Build Like a Girl” event Wednesday.

From crane operators to carpenters to masonry work, the 7th to 10th grade girls from Northeast Wisconsin are learning to “Build Like a Girl.”

“I started with the masonry. It’s cool. That’s a job I would think about. It’s very unique,” says 7th grader Amari Volp.

Tenth grader Marlie Bowleg adds, “I really like the artsy aspect of it, like planning the buildings and designing it, so I thought that was cool.”

The day-long event, put on by Miron Construction, gives the girls a chance to get their hands dirty, build something, and even operate heavy machinery. It’s all in an effort to get them interested and maybe excited about potential careers in the construction industry.

According to Dave Walsh, executive vice president of human resources at Miron, “We’re trying to fill our ranks. It’s a busy time in construction, and we want to make sure we have a pipeline of people who are willing to do the work. The other side is, candidly, Wisconsin women are strong, hearty, great work ethic, like to be outside, so it’s an untapped resource.”

With so few women in this skilled labor workforce, Miron believes, even if this event inspires one girl into this field, they’ve been successful.

“My favorite story is our third or fourth version of this, we had a girl come in, and then I went to do a presentation at Preble High School that fall and she found me at Preble at the [vocational tech] class and said, ‘I’m in this class because you gave me the confidence at Build Like a Girl.’ If we can do this for two to three of these folks every year we’re doing good work,” Walsh adds.

It’s work that is making a difference and inspiring the latest Build Like a Girl participants. Amari says, “It’s a really cool experience around here because you don’t see very many women out on the job site, and it’s really cool just to meet the one that are and one day, maybe it could be you.”

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