Hot weather, high natural gas prices could increase energy bills this summer

We Energies, WPS explain rising energy prices this summer
Utilities blame surging natural gas prices
Published: Jun. 3, 2022 at 6:33 PM CDT
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GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - With prices rising for just about everything because of inflation, people could see an increase in their energy bills this summer.

Some people may notice their energy bill is raising for the first time in years. We Energies and WPS spokesperson Brendan Conway says this is a result of surging natural gas prices, saying their rates have stayed steady for a couple of years now.

“As we’ve seen among many other things this past year, prices have gone up. They are significantly higher than they’ve been in about a decade. So that is impacting the cost of a customer’s bill. It’s not something we’re making money on; it’s the fuel that’s being used to heat your home in the winter and keep you cool in the summer,” Conway said.

We Energies and WPS say the potential increase that customers might see coming their way really depends on how much energy a person uses this summer.

“Here in Wisconsin, thanks to our planning and our preparation, we’re going to be able to limit those impacts a bit. But customers should know if they’re running that A/C a lot this summer, they may pay more this year than they did in previous years,” Conway said.

Both We Energies and WPS say there are steps customers can take right now to use their energy as efficiently as possible.

“Get outside your house and seal any cracks around your doors or your windows. Keep the warm air out, and keep any cool air inside. If you have an air conditioner, get a tune-up and make sure it’s running efficiently. If you’re handy, now’s a good time to maybe go out and buy a ceiling fan and install that, or just go to the hardware store and get a fan that you can put in the ground. Our advice always is to try to really use your energy as efficiently as possible. It will still be able to stay cool in the summer and it will help you manage your energy use even better,” Conway said.

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