High number of police calls and bouncer’s arrest lead Green Bay officials to consider removing bar’s liquor license

The bar's liquor license will not be renewed.
Published: May. 23, 2022 at 10:43 PM CDT
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GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - Green Bay officials are recommending that a bar not have its liquor license renewed due to the high number of calls police receive.

Adding to that police say a woman was sexually assaulted by a bouncer less than two weeks ago.

Duel Sports Bar and Grill is located along Main Street opening in 2020. The owner Michael Cain says he’s invested around $350,000 to renovate the building.

Yet on Monday, the Green Bay Protection and Policy committee voted to not renew the bar’s liquor license calling it a problem.

“There’s just so much here that has gone wrong, and someone has take responsibility for it, and the only one left is the owner,” Alderman Randy Scannell of Green Bay’s district 7 said.

Cain says his place is being targeted.

“If as a committee you make a decision based off of everything and anything that Lt. [Steve] Mahoney says, I believe you’re putting yourselves in a position like I said for a lawsuit. Not by me, but by somebody,” Cain said.

According to Green Bay Police, since July 1, 2021 officers have responded to 111 calls for service to Duel. Lt. Steve Mahoney told committee members Duel by far uses the greatest resources from police compared to all of the other nightlife establishments.

“Our night shift officers, they essentially park there or make themselves very close to that establishment every Friday and Saturday night,” Lt. Mahoney said.

Police also say on May 14 a bouncer sexually assaulted a woman at Duel’s parking lot. Shaun Alexander, 37, was arrested last week and charged with second degree sexual assault. He was released from a Wisconsin Department of Corrections prison about five months ago.

According to court documents, the victim repeatedly told him no and tried getting him to stop. Two other people also spoke up when the alleged assault took place.

Investigators say Alexander even offered the victim cocaine saying she wouldn’t feel anything but she refused.

Cain spoke about the incident at Monday’s meeting, claiming he wasn’t aware of the sexual assault at the time it happened.

“She had every chance to say to me or say to the police officer that was forty feet away that an assault happened. All she said is she wanted to go home. That’s all she said to me,” Cain said.

Cain says Alexander was hired through a third-party and he gave his wrong last name to the bar when seeking hire.

Green Bay’s common council will take up the issue of the non-renewal for Duel’s liquor license on June 7, after it was voted out of committee.

As of Monday night, Shaun Alexander remains in the Brown County Jail on a sexual assault charge and for violating his parole.

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