Appleton lawmaker expresses concern after receiving threats of violence, sexual assault

On Monday Snodgrass used her Twitter account to warn people that it’s a crime to threaten public officials.
Published: May. 17, 2022 at 6:28 PM CDT
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APPLETON, Wis. (WBAY) - Some very disturbing messages are being made public by an area lawmaker who tells us she’s been the victim of on-going threats of physical and sexual violence.

The claims made by Rep. Lee Snodgrass, a Democrat from Appleton are also being echoed by Republican lawmaker Rep. Rachael Cabral-Guevara.

Cabral-Guevara says she faced similar harassment while campaigning for her Assembly seat in July of 2020.

On Monday Snodgrass used her Twitter account to warn people that it’s a crime to threaten public officials.

It’s something she did after telling Action 2 News she received a number of threats recently, both over the phone and in writing.

“They’re very specific to be honest with you. They are specific about the manner in which they will harm me, kill me. The weapon that they will use and where they will take their shot,” said Snodgrass.

One of the messages Snodgrass shared with us was from a women upset over an issue involving the public school system.

It said, “I’m armed to the teeth,” and “You will never see me when you walk up my drive way and I can piece (sic) your heart from 75 feet away.”

Snodgrass added, “I know that my fellow legislators, especially women in office are receiving far more of these and they’re much more graphic and they’re much more frequent.”

The threats have also gone across party lines.

Representative Cabral-Guevara, a Republican, also from Appleton said, “When I ran last time I had people ruining my car, I had people ruining my house, I had death threats sent to my house.”

At the moment, she’s not receiving any threats but told Action 2 News, “When I saw that post that Lee had put up I was super disappointed, because it brought me back immediately to where I was a year an a half ago. I don’t care where you stand on politics, it’s wrong.”

Both legislators say they’ve taken steps to better secure their homes heading into the November election.

Snodgrass even carries pepper spray now.

“I do think that because I have been put into a national profile because of some of the things that I’ve said and the views I’ve taken that I am a target,” Snodgrass said.

Capitol Police are investigating the threats against Snodgrass and both legislators say more needs to be done to call out and prevent this behavior.

Both are worried about the impact of negative ads during the upcoming campaign.

Snodgrass added, “We’re just regular people in elected office and we’re trying to do a job and disagreement is absolutely fine. Even being angry is fine. Death threats and threats of sexual violence, not fine.”

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