New books written by local man aim to inspire better sportsmanship at youth sporting events

Bill Gosse wrote nearly 500 newspaper columns on sportsmanship over 10 years
Published: Apr. 22, 2022 at 2:19 PM CDT
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GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - Whether it’s on the news or on social media, we sadly see it nearly every week, and that’s parents acting inappropriate, or even violent, at youth sporting events.

A Green Bay man is hoping to change that through a series of books on sportsmanship.

After growing up excelling in sports, Bill Gosse coached and refereed when his kids were in school.

In 2006, Gosse founded a non-profit sportsmanship initiative called TeamScore Inc. after witnessing incidents at youth sporting events involving parents berating officials and their children.

“She was choking her son so that he wouldn’t cry because he lost, and I was taken so aback by it that I thought, oh my goodness, what the heck,” recalls Gosse of the scene involving a mother at a youth wrestling tournament.

That led Gosse to begin writing regular columns for Wisconsin newspapers on sportsmanship, which he did for 10 years for free.

His nearly 500 columns were widely praised, prompting loyal readers to make a suggestion.

“They’d send me emails and say hey, did you ever think of writing and do you have this in a book, I’m looking for Christmas presents to buy, this would be perfect for my son and my grandkids and things like that, so it came like that, they go into the subconscious right, and you think well but boy a book, wow how do I do that,” says Gosse.

In 2018, Gosse got started on a series of five books.

The first one, “SCORE: A Guide to Supporting and Instilling Exceptional Sportsmanship” is designed for parents, grandparents and adult influencers.

It’s set for release April 28th.

“The next one will be for coaches, that one I plan on having finished in 2022, the third one will be for officials, the fourth one for athletes and the fifth one for fans in general,” explains Gosse.

Gosse hopes his books will make readers pause and remember, that what we see far too often, is not at all what sports are about.

“Sports are meant to be fun, it’s play right, it’s playing, so I want people to be able to realize as their kids are going through this to enjoy the journey and enjoy it for what it is and it really can be a teacher of great life lessons if we allow it to be,” says Gosse.

For more information on Gosse’s sportsmanship books, visit

After witnessing incidents at youth sporting events, a Green Bay man wrote a series of books on the subject

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