Freedom Convoy enters Wisconsin on its way to Washington D.C.

Supporters of the movement waved American flags and watched from the overpass
Freedom Convoy comes through Wisconsin
Freedom Convoy comes through Wisconsin(Marcus Aarsvold)
Published: Mar. 4, 2022 at 6:22 PM CST|Updated: Mar. 4, 2022 at 6:48 PM CST
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OAKDALE, Wis. (WMTV) - The Freedom Convoy entered Wisconsin as truck drivers and other participants drove through Oakdale to Portage on Friday.

Oakdale Freedom Convoy organizer and retired truck driver Robert Simonds said the goal is to make the government aware that people want an end to COVID-19 preventative mandates for masks and vaccines.

He said some drivers were coming from as far as Washington State, North Dakota and Minnesota.

Simonds also said the purpose of the convoy is to advocate for cheaper fuel. He thinks the government should tap into American energy resources rather than purchase crude oil from other countries.

“That’s what the truck drivers are doing out here,” Simonds said. “That’s why we’re out here pushing this. You’ve got all of these truck drivers out here saying enough is enough. It’s time to listen to the common man and quit listening to the garbage of the elitists.”

He said those participating in the Freedom Convoy do not feel prioritized by the government.

“It’s about taking the freedom back,” he said. “It’s about making Washington D.C. finally realize that they work for the people. It’s not about the globalists of the world it’s about the American people.”

Participants drove through Oakdale to Portage, WI where they will stay the night. Next, some will drive down to Beloit and pass through Madison around 9 a.m. Saturday. Simonds said the convoy then continues to Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia and then D.C.

Linda Deml joined the convoy in Oakdale after driving from Green Bay, Wis. in her RV.

“It’s good to see all of the people that are in support of freedom,” Deml said. “No mandates.”

She and Simonds agreed that the traffic disruption and delays are worth it.

“It’s short disruption in your life to support something,” Deml said.

“We’re going to be disturbing the highways for a few maybe a couple weeks,” Simonds said. “What did the government do for two years? How much did they disturb? How much did they destroy the economy.”

Simonds said the rally will continue to remain peaceful as drives head to the outskirts of the nation’s capital city. He said they are not allowed to drive directly to the capitol building because “Washington D.C. is not America anymore”.

Wisconsin State Patrol is monitoring the convoy as it drives through the state.

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation released the following statement:

“WisDOT’s primary goal is to make sure everyone is able to travel through the state safely. Wisconsin State Patrol is aware of the truck convoy’s plans to be in Wisconsin Friday into Saturday.

WisDOT and Wisconsin State Patrol are collaborating with county and local law enforcement agencies to monitor the convoy while it is in the state. Officials are prepared for any potential incidents, but do not anticipate major traffic disruptions.”

The Tomah Area School District let students out two hours early Friday due to the convoy, saying the early release was due to logistical issues the convoy could cause to regular traffic flow.

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