Families sue Country Villa Assisted Living after 2020 COVID outbreak

WATCH: Families sue Country Villa after COVID deaths
Published: Feb. 15, 2022 at 8:30 PM CST
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PULASKI, Wis. (WBAY) - Four families are suing Country Villa Assisted Living and insurance companies for negligence.

Country Villa was the site of a deadly coronavirus outbreak in 2020 that infected roughly 28 out of 36 residents.

10 residents died.

“What we saw at Country Villa in Pulaski is, unfortunately, there was no plan until it was too late and residents and their families paid the ultimate price,” Attorney Kate Metzger said.

Metzger is representing four of the 10 families who lost a loved one.

Family members say the residents were in good health before their infections.

“These weren’t people who were on their death beds or were terminally ill. These were people who trusted Country Villa to provide care to their loved ones and to keep them safe. They failed to do that,” Metzger continued.

The lawsuit claims the facility was still allowing gatherings, lacked appropriate PPE and disregarded precautions set in place by the CDC and other local health departments.

State regulators ended up fining the facility up to $76 thousand for violations.

This lawsuit does not set a dollar amount, because Metzger said the focus is on improving the safety of current and future residents.

“Right now, it’s really about holding the facility responsible, and ensuring that something like this doesn’t happen again.”

Country Villa has 45 days to respond to the litigation.

Representatives of Country Villa declined to comment.

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