State Democrats introduce gun legislation on the six-year anniversary of a murder

Caroline E. Nosal
Caroline E. Nosal(NBC15)
Updated: Feb. 2, 2022 at 8:14 PM CST
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MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) - Wednesday, Wisconsin State Democrats introduced legislation reinstating the 48-hour waiting period on handgun purchases. State Senator Melissa Agard and State Assembly Representative Shelia Stubbs announced the bill with Dr. James Nosal on the six-year anniversary of his daughter’s murder, Caroline Nosal.

The legislation would bring back the two-day waiting period on buying a handgun. During that time, Senator Agard says sellers would request background checks from the state’s Department Of Justice before releasing the handguns.

Representative Stubbs says the reinstatement of the waiting period would help prevent crimes of passion and suicide, curbing heat-of-the-moment gun purchases.

“Allowing firearms to be purchased on a whim opens the door to impulsive decisions, to result in terrible consequences,” said Representative Stubbs.

For Dr. Nosal, the failure to get this bill finished in the past is disheartening.

“To me, the 48 hour waiting period, I’ll be honest, it’s the easiest,” said Dr. Nosal. “I’m not taking away your absolute right to ever have a firearm or anything like that; I’m just saying could you wait two days.”

But continuing this crusade for increased gun legislation is how the Nosal family remembers Caroline.

“I do it to honor my daughter; I do it because we don’t ever want anyone to know what we’ve been through; it’s hell,” said Nosal.

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