Packers fans bring pumped up energy ahead of playoff game

Published: Jan. 22, 2022 at 7:49 PM CST
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GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - Celebrations have not stopped since the Packers pep rally outside of Lambeau Field Friday night, the excitement continued as Saturday’s playoff game approached.

The cold wind did not stop fans from gearing up to cheer on the Packers in the NFC Divisional playoff game.

”There’s a cold wind howling and it’s the fandom that’s going to explode tonight,” said Mike Christopher, a Packers fan from New York.

A few Packers fans who made the trip from New York Friday night, say they love showing off their green and gold support in New York.

“My dad’s a die hard Buffalo Bill fan and he handed me an NFL catalog and he said, ‘son pick something better than I could give you,’ so I picked the Brett Farve jersey and I’ve been blessed ever since. It’s a lot like finding a winning scratch off ticket on the floor as a child and then just continually cashing it out,” said Christopher.

“I could have been a fan of several other different teams and this one was just an absolute blessing to be a fan of,” said Paul Altobelli, a Packers fan from New York.

If you’ve ever been to Stadium View on a game day, you’ve probably seen the huge button board outside, made by Kelly Hewitt, owner of the Original Bead Lady.

Hewitt was the first vendor to sell Packers items at Staidum View back in 1996.

She made 1,000 new buttons, just for Saturday’s game, and sells all things Packers, including diapers.

“I figured it’s going to be too cold, you’re going to have too many layers to pee, so we are selling depends for $5 a piece,” said Hewitt.

Many folks say the energy level goes up when the temperatures go down, and fans really brought that energy.

“It’s just a different environment in the playoffs, so loud and just everybody here is so loving and friendly, so it’s just awesome to rally behind the Pack,” said Altobelli.

The excitement has grown for this year’s Divisional game, as opposed to last year, when only a limited amount of fans were allowed inside.

With it being back to full capacity for playoffs, the energy from the crowd outside of Lambeau Field was very clear as they made their way into the game.

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