Wrong information found on COVID test results from Darboy site

Published: Jan. 12, 2022 at 7:40 PM CST
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DARBOY, Wis. (WBAY) - A COVID-19 testing site in the Appleton area is facing questions from customers who say they’ve been given back results with wrong information on them.

This includes time stamps which aren’t accurate.

In a rush to get a COVID-19 test on Monday, Tammy Fredericks took three people to the Center for COVID Control on Eisenhower Road in the Darboy area where she was immediately met with a packed house.

“It was mid to late morning so lines were almost out the door already,” Fredericks said.

After checking in, she was given paperwork reflecting the time, which was January 10 at 11:47 A.M.

She added, “They said results by the end of the day. So we waited and waited and waited, and no results.”

The results did arrive, a day late, but what caught Fredericks’s attention was the time stamp showing that her friend supplied the specimen on January 11 at 2:39 P.M., a day after being physically in the building.

Then it shows the test result being processed twenty minutes later.

“I can understand the backlog of people,” she continues, “But it’s just not acceptable for them to have the wrong date that the specimen was collected because that’s not accurate.”

All three people that Fredericks took for testing that day had wrong time stamps.

We’re also finding out that this isn’t an isolated issue.

“This particular company, the Center for Covid Control is based in Chicago, and our office in Chicago has given this company an ‘F’ rating based on the fact that it has unanswered complaints,” said Susan Bach of the Better Business Bureau serving Wisconsin.

While this is the only location in our area, the company has 25 sites statewide. Most are in the Madison and Milwaukee area.

Bach added, “We really want to encourage people to do a little research before they go to an unknown location.”

Fredericks says this the type of mistake that can cast doubt on the entire testing process.

“They are reporting so many positives or so many negatives but are people coming back negative that shouldn’t be negative because the integrity of the test is compromised,” she said.

It’s up to state DHS health officials to license the testing site, but so far, they’ve only said in a statement, they’re “unable to comment on specific allegations, complaints or investigations.”

The company has yet to respond to our request for comment. We’ll continue to follow this story.

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