COVID-19 in Wisconsin: 11 deaths reported by 7 area counties

The 7-day average leaped by more than 500 cases per day, but it was tempered a week ago by low testing on the holiday
Published: Dec. 3, 2021 at 4:55 PM CST
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MADISON, Wis. (WBAY) – Wisconsin’s 7-day average of coronavirus cases was tempered by the mere 751 cases diagnosed in a 24-hour period between Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday. No longer held back by an outlying low number of test results, Wisconsin’s 7-day average surged Friday to 3,548 cases per day, up from 3,015, a one-day increase of almost 18%.

The Department of Health Services says 4,521 new cases were confirmed, offering some relief from Thursday’s report of 5,000-plus cases for the first time in over 12 months. The state is less than 11,000 cases short of a milestone 900,000 cases, which we might reach Monday or Tuesday at this current pace, adding 100,000 COVID-19 virus in a little over a month. Wisconsin passed 800,000 cases on November 4.

There’s some relief, too, in the 7-day average of the positivity rate -- the percentage of all tests coming back positive for the coronavirus. That’s down at 13.1%, down more than a half-percentage point in two days. Still, the positivity rate this high wasn’t seen for a year.

Deaths remain high, with the 7-day average up 20% since Thursday to 24 deaths per day. Thirty-five COVID-19 deaths were reported to the DHS, according to Friday’s report, with 26 of the people dying in the last 30 days, which are the only deaths counted in the 7-day average. Counties in WBAY’s viewing area reporting deaths were Dodge (2), Fond du Lac, Langlade, Manitowoc, Marinette, Outagamie (2) and Waupaca (3). Across the state line, Dickinson and Iron counties in Michigan’s U.P. also reported deaths.

Hospitalizations remain high, too, with 222 COVID-19 admissions in the last 24-hour period. We calculate the 7-day average jumped to over 150 hospitalizations per day, which is the highest since December 11, 2020, according to our records. At that time, 4.42% of all coronavirus infections resulted in hospitalization; currently the hospitalization rate is 5.27% but it’s trending back down.

The Wisconsin Hospital Association (WHA) reports 1,457 COVID-19 patients are hospitalized right now, just 11 more than Thursday after taking discharges and deaths into account. Of these, 393 are in intensive care units, 16 fewer than the day before.

Hospitals in the Northeast health care region have 163 of those patients, including 40 in ICU; that’s 1 fewer in ICU and 1 more patient overall.

The Fox Valley has 111 COVID-19 patients, 25 in intensive care -- 1 more in ICU and 4 more patients overall. Among the 13 hospitals, there is one ICU bed, 1 medical-surgical bed, and zero intermediate care beds immediately available, according to the WHA.

In a health briefing Thursday, state health officials and Prevea president/CEO Dr. Ashok Rai said the vast majority of COVID-19 patients hospitalized are unvaccinated. Rai said further that each COVID-19 patient requires more staff and resources than a typical patient and is hospitalized longer. Health officials are encouraging people to get vaccinated, or get a booster shot to reinvigorate their immune system against the virus, with the winter season, more indoor activities, and family and group gatherings approaching.

The state saw moderate growth in the number of people rolling up their sleeves. Every age group from 12 to 64 saw their percentage increase in the number of people receiving at least one dose -- indicating people receiving their first dose (or in the case of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, first and completed).

Friday the DHS reported 59.1% of Wisconsin’s total population has now received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine (up one-tenth of a percent since Thursday). This percentage includes 70.5% of adults (up one-tenth of a percent) and a percentage of the population still too young to receive a vaccine.

The DHS further reported 56.2% of the population completed their vaccine series (up one-tenth of a percent), which includes 67.1% of adults.

VACCINATIONS BY AGE GROUP (and change since last report)

  • 12 to 15: 50.1% received vaccine (+0.1)/46.7% completed vaccinations (+0.1)
  • 16 and 17: 54.2% received vaccine (+0.1)/50.9% completed vaccinations (+0.0)
  • 18 to 24: 54.9% received vaccine (+0.1)/50.4% completed vaccinations (+0.1)
  • 25 to 34: 59.6% received vaccine (+0.1)/55.5% completed vaccinations (+0.0)
  • 35 to 44: 66.7% received vaccine (+0.1)/63.2% completed vaccinations (+0.1)
  • 45 to 54: 67.3% received vaccine (+0.1)/64.4% completed vaccinations (+0.0)
  • 55 to 64: 75.6% received vaccine (+0.1)/73.0% completed vaccinations (+0.1)
  • 65 and up: 87.5% received vaccine (+0.0)/84.4% completed vaccinations (+0.0)

Seventeen of the 20 counties we’re tracking saw increases in the percentage of their population getting at least one dose, completing their vaccination series, or both.


County (Population)
(Health region)
% of population
with at least 1 dose
% of population
completed series
Brown (264,542) (NE)60.0%57.5%
Calumet (50,089) (FV)53.2% (+0.1)51.1%
Dodge (87,839)48.6% (+0.1)46.3%
Door (27,668) (NE)74.9%71.0%
Fond du Lac (103,403) (SE)51.7%49.3% (+0.1)
Forest (9,004)49.3% (+0.1)46.9% (+0.1)
Florence (4,295) (NE)49.1%47.1% (+0.1)
Green Lake (18,913) (FV)53.7% (+0.1)51.2% (+0.1)
Kewaunee (20,434) (NE)48.9% (+0.1)47.4% (+0.1)
Langlade (19,189)51.2% (+0.1)48.8% (+0.1)
Manitowoc (78,981) (NE)56.4% (+0.1)54.0% (+0.1)
Marinette (40,350) (NE)49.7%47.3% (+0.1)
Menominee (4,556) (FV)71.4%69.0%
Oconto (37,930) (NE)50.3% (+0.1)48.4% (+0.1)
Outagamie (187,885) (FV)59.2%56.8% (+0.1)
Shawano (40,899) (FV)44.8% (+0.1)43.0% (+0.1)
Sheboygan (115,340) (SE)57.9% (+0.1)55.2%
Waupaca (50,990) (FV)52.0% (+0.1)49.7%
Waushara (24,443) (FV)43.1% (+0.1)41.2%
Winnebago (171,907) (FV)57.3%54.8% (+0.1)
NORTHEAST REGION (474,200) (NE)275,009 (58.0%)263,429 (55.6%, +0.1)
FOX VALLEY REGION (549,682) (FV)304,854 (55.5%, +0.1)291,978 (53.1%)
WISCONSIN (5,822,434)3,439,571 (59.1%, +0.1)3,270,931 (56.2%, +0.1)


To find more free COVID-19 vaccination sites near you, text your ZIP Code to 438829.

The community vaccination clinic inside Fox River Mall in Grand Chute is open from 11 A.M. to 7 P.M. on select dates through December 15. The list of dates will be updated on the Outagamie County website. No appointment is necessary for this walk-in clinic, which is located near the food court and Scheel’s. There’s no cost and no ID required.

Bellin Health is offering “mix-and-match” COVID-19 vaccine boosters at its Ashwaubenon community vaccination site, the Green Bay Fastlane drive-thru testing site and all primary care clinics and FastCare locations. According to Bellin, it’s offering the mix-and-match option to eligible patients at all vaccination sites. Eligible Bellin patients and the general public may schedule a booster, initial or second COVID-19 vaccine dose through a MyBellinHealth account or by calling 920-445-7313.


The City of Appleton expanded its testing and vaccination clinics at the old Best Buy building, 2411 S. Kensington Dr. The site offers walk-in testing Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. Walk-in vaccination clinics are on Thursdays from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. and Fridays from 7 A.M. to 12 P.M. Pre-registration isn’t required, but it’s encouraged to speed up the process.

Walk-in or drive-through COVID-19 testing is available at Sunnyview Expo Center weekdays from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M., with the Wisconsin National Guard handling the testing. Registration is encouraged at Testing is recommended (and free) for anyone as young as 1 year old who’s been in close contact with a person who tested positive for COVID-19 or has symptoms of COVID-19, which can include fever, chills, cough, difficulty breathing, sore throat, runny nose, nausea or vomiting, diarrhea, headache, muscle ache, or sudden loss of taste or smell. Results are usually back within 48 hours.

FRIDAY’S COUNTY CASE AND DEATH TOTALS (increases in cases or deaths since the last report are in bold) **

  • Brown – 45,464 cases (+271) (279 deaths)
  • Calumet – 8,115 cases (+29) (66 deaths)
  • Dickinson (Mich.)* - 3,458 cases (+95) (71 deaths) (+2)
  • Dodge – 16,646 cases (+67) (212 deaths) (+2)
  • Door – 3,982 cases (+24) (35 deaths)
  • Florence - 582 cases (+1) (14 deaths)
  • Fond du Lac – 18,799 cases (+48) (162 deaths) (+1)
  • Forest - 1,617 cases (+14) (29 deaths)
  • Gogebic (Mich.)* - 1,744 cases (+68) (27 deaths)
  • Green Lake - 2,796 cases (+6) (29 deaths)
  • Iron (Mich.)* – 1,569 cases (+43) (55 deaths) (+2)
  • Kewaunee – 3,330 cases (+12) (35 deaths)
  • Langlade - 3,364 cases (+14) (44 deaths) (+1)
  • Manitowoc – 11,472 cases (+59) (97 deaths) (+1)
  • Marinette - 6,854 cases (+35) (74 deaths) (+1)
  • Menominee (Mich.)* - 2,890 cases (+45) (49 deaths)
  • Menominee – 995 cases (+1) (11 deaths)
  • Oconto – 6,614 cases (+26) (66 deaths)
  • Outagamie – 28,798 cases (+142) (261 deaths) (+2)
  • Shawano – 6,757 cases (+27) (83 deaths)
  • Sheboygan – 19,359 cases (+145) (176 deaths)
  • Waupaca – 7,817 cases (+47) (153 deaths) (+3)
  • Waushara – 3,360 cases (+9) (52 deaths)
  • Winnebago – 26,646 cases (+196) (256 deaths)

* You can find cases and deaths for all 72 Wisconsin counties on the DHS County Data website. The Wisconsin Department of Health Services and Wisconsin Hospital Association publishes updates Mondays through Fridays. Michigan Department of Health updates information on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

** Cases and deaths are from state COVID-19 reports, which may differ from local health department numbers. The Wisconsin DHS reports cases from all health departments within a county’s boundaries, including tribal, municipal and county health departments; county websites may not. Also, public health departments update their data at various times, whereas the DHS freezes the numbers it receives by the same time every day to compile the afternoon report.

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