New weekly publication covers Green Bay area’s arts and entertainment scene

Published: Dec. 2, 2021 at 3:06 PM CST
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GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - If you’re looking for something to do in the Greater Green Bay area, a new weekly arts and entertainment publication has you covered.

Green Bay City Pages is published every Thursday, and it’s free.

After establishing itself in the print business for in-depth coverage of local news and high school sports in the Green Bay area, The Press Times launched a new endeavor a few months ago to fill a void.

“Green Bay is the 3rd largest city in Wisconsin and there’s so much going on in arts and entertainment that nobody would know about because there’s no go-to source, so we started City Pages,” says Mike Hollihan, The Press Times general manager.

Green Bay City Pages is available at more than 250 locations throughout Brown County.

The staff’s guiding philosophy is to ensure the paper is local, informative and comprehensive.

“You as a reader, we want to be your number one trusted source. We don’t want you scouring Facebook events and Google and Ticketmaster. Like you, every Thursday morning are going to walk into your favorite coffee shop, grocery store or gas station on your way to work and grab a new edition and you’re off to the races from there,” says John McCracken, Green Bay City Pages editor.

“If you want to know what band is playing where, what theater has what play going on, or if you’re a parent and you’re like what can I do with our kids, it’s filling a niche essentially,” adds Hollihan.

Hollihan says it’s been decades since Green Bay has had a weekly arts and entertainment paper, one that not only educates the community but promotes local talent and the businesses showcasing them.

“We’re doing a weekly artist feature right now, and there’s so many of these artists that the people of Green Bay are not aware of what they’re doing and these artists are thankful that we’re focusing on what they’re doing with their art, but the community is like, ‘I had no idea,’” says Hollihan.

“Educating each other on what their businesses are doing and what’s going on downtown or on Broadway, letting people know that this is a thriving community, lots going on and helping out local businesses,” adds Erin DeMay, Green Bay City Pages sales and marketing consultant.

The Press Times is printing 10,000 copies of Green Bay City Pages each week, but based on feedback and demand that’s expected to double in the near future.

“It feels good when you’re putting out something that there’s a real need and want for, and then the feedback we’re getting from the community is thank you for doing this,” says Hollihan.

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