GAME BLOG: Packers defeat Rams 36-28, enter bye week with a win

Green Bay Packers' Rasul Douglas jumps in the crowd after intercepting a pass and returning it...
Green Bay Packers' Rasul Douglas jumps in the crowd after intercepting a pass and returning it for a touchdown during the second half of an NFL football game against the Los Angeles Rams Sunday, Nov. 28, 2021, in Green Bay, Wis. (AP Photo/Matt Ludtke)(Matt Ludtke | AP)
Published: Nov. 28, 2021 at 2:21 PM CST|Updated: Nov. 28, 2021 at 7:47 PM CST
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GREEN BAY, Wis. (AP) - Aaron Rodgers withstood pain from a toe injury, threw two touchdown passes and also ran for a score in the Green Bay Packers’ 36-28 victory over the Los Angeles Rams.

The Rams outscored Green Bay 11-0 in the fourth quarter. Los Angeles’ comeback attempt ended when Adrian Amos recovered an onside kick with 17 seconds left.

Rodgers went 28 of 45 for 307 yards as the Packers bounced back from a 34-31 loss at Minnesota. The reigning MVP threw touchdown passes of 7 yards to Randall Cobb and 5 yards to A.J. Dillon.

The Rams have lost three straight games.

Next week, the now 9-3 Packers have a bye - their latest bye week ever. Meanwhile, the Chicago Bears (4-7) will host the Arizona Cardinals (9-2) at 12 p.m. next Sunday. At that same time on Sunday, the Minnesota Vikings (5-6) will visit the Detroit Lions (0-10-1).

The Cardinals are the only team ahead of the Packers in the NFC. The Rams are now 7-4.

The Action 2 Sports team will have more post game coverage on Sunday Sports Night Cover 2 at 10:35 p.m.

(WBAY) -- The Green Bay Packers are hoping to go into the bye week with a win following a divisional loss to the Minnesota Vikings last weekend.

The Rams started their drive with a 7 yard pass from Stafford to Beckham, and then he connected with Kupp for another 7 yards. Another 7 yards was gained after he threw to Beckham again, before he threw an incomplete pass intended for Jefferson at Green Bay’s 47-yard line.

Henderson racked up another six rushing yards before the 2 minute warning was called.

Stafford then threw a pass intended for Higbee, but it was broken up by Stokes, who nearly intercepted it. However, he connected with Kupp for a gain of 11 yards, and reached Green Bay’s 30 yard line.

On 1st down, Stafford threw an incomplete pass to Jefferson. A false start was called on the Rams, pushing them back five yards, with 1:25 to go in the game. However, they were able to get 14 yards on the next play after Stafford threw to Kupp. Henderson didn’t get any yards on 3rd and 1 at Green Bay’s 21-yard line.

The Rams then made a 39-ard field goal, making it 36-28 with less than 20 seconds to go.

Green Bay called their 3rd timeout before an onside kick was made, but it was recovered by the Packers.

Darnell Savage was hit on the play, and was down for a bit on the field before walking off.

After kneeling on the play, the Packers let time expire, with a final score of 36-28.

Green Bay started their drive with a run by Dillon, and then Rodgers threw to Adams for a gain of 9 yards. Dillon continued to run time off the clock, making gains of 7 yards on each of the following two plays, and then for another three yards.

Los Angeles then called their second timeout.

Dillon continued to be the workhorse, and ran for another 3 yards on 2nd and 7. The Rams called their third and final timeout with 3:18 to go in the game.

On 3rd and 4, Rodgers threw to Adams, but the pass was ruled to be incomplete after Adams dropped the ball on the way to the ground.

The field goal unit then came onto the field, and Crosby attempted a 42-yard field goal. After making all of his kicks earlier in the game, the ball bounced off the upright.

The Rams’ started their drive with a pass from Stafford to Kupp for a gain of 10 yards, and then an incomplete pass to Higbee. ON 2nd and 10, Stafford threw another incomplete pass, this time to Jefferson.

He was then sacked on 3rd down by Kenny Clark, resulting in a loss of 8 yards. The punt traveled 33 yards to Green Bay’s 45 yard line, and went out of bounds.

Dillon ran for a gain of 2 on the first play, and got another 5 yards on the next play. Rodgers connected with St. Brown to get the 1st down.

The Packers called their 2nd timeout with just under 8 minutes to play in the game. Rodgers threw an incomplete pass to Valdes-Scantling, and another to Deguara on the following 2 plays. A holding call was made on Jones on 3rd and 11, and Bojorquez punted 34 yards to the Ram’s 20-yard line.

Henderson ran for 5 yards on the first play before Stafford connected with Kupp for a gain of 13 yards.

Afterwards, he threw a incomplete pass intended for Jefferson, but connected with Henderson a play later for a gain of 7. He then threw an incomplete pass to Beckham on 3rd and 3 at their own 26-yard line.

The punt went out of bounds, and the Packers will start at their own 33-yard line.

The Packers started their first drive of the 4th quarter on their own 19-yard line after Amari Rodgers ran it back 14 yards.

Their first play was an incomplete pass by Rodgers to Valdes-Scantling, but a penalty was called on Los Angeles for roughing the passer, which was enforced at the Packers’ 19-yard line.

The next play was a holding penalty on Patrick, which wiped out 10 of the 15 penalty yards that were given to Green Bay on the previous play.

Rodgers connected with Valdes-Scantling on 1st and 20 for a gain of 8. They connected again on 2nd down for a gain of 6. He was targeted yet again on 3rd down, but the pass was incomplete. In addition, another holding was called on the Packers, this time on Newman.

Bojorquez kicked a 61-yard punt, and it was downed at the Rams’ 1-yard line by St. Brown.

The Rams took the field once again after the pick-six, and started at their own 20-yard line.

Stafford first threw a short pass to Henderson before connecting with Beckham. Henderson ran for five yards to get a first down.

Stafford threw an incomplete pass before connecting with Jefferson for a 9-yard gain, and then with Henderson for a 3-yard gain. At the end of the 3rd quarter, the Rams were at their own 46-yard line.

To start the 4th quarter, Stafford connected with Beckham for a 54-yard touchdown pass. The Rams then attempted a 2 point conversion, but a delay of game penalty was called. The Rams attempted it again from 7 yards out, and Stafford threw to Kupp in the end zone, making it 36-25.

A 65-yard kick by Crosby resulted in a touchback, and the Rams’ first play was a run by Henderson for a gain of 3.

An incomplete pass by Stafford on 2nd down resulted in another pass attempt by Stafford on 3rd down. It was supposed to go to Kupp, but it was intercepted by Rasul Douglas, who ran it back to put another touchdown between the Packers and the Rams.

The Packers attempted a 2 point conversion, but Rodgers’ pass was incomplete.

The Packers started with a loss of four yards on the first play, but Rodgers connected on 2nd down with Lewis for a gain of 2. After throwing an incomplete pass to St. Brown, the Packers punted, but Dafney fumbled it for the Rams, and was recovered by Barnes at the Rams’ 28-yard line.

That gave the Packers another shot, and Rodgers connected with Adams for a gain of 9 before Dillon ran for a gain of 3.

Afterwards, Rodgers threw to Lewis for a gain of 5, but he fumbled the ball, and it was recovered by Nijman at the Rams’ 11-yard line. Rodgers threw two more incomplete passes before Crosby kicked a 29-yard field goal to make it 30-17.

During the Rams’ first drive of the second half, the Packers’ defense made their presence known, with Stafford throwing two incomplete passes to end the drive after Henderson attempted to run on the first play, but for no gain.

The Rams punted 41 yards, and it was downed at Green Bay’s 34-yard line.

After a touchback on a 65-yard kick, Rodgers threw the ball away on 1st down, however a flag was thrown for a personal foul on Lucas Patrick, pushing Green Bay back to the 12-yard line.

In addition, the Packers announced Cobb, who had a large offensive presence in the first half, is out for the rest of the game.

Following the first penalized play, Rodgers threw passes to Dillon and Valdes-Scantling, for a gain of 8 and 28 yards, respectively.

Dillon ran on the next four plays to get to the Rams’ 35-yard line.

Rodgers then connected with Dillon, before Jones ran for a gain of 2. He then connected with Adams before throwing an incomplete pass to Valdes-Scantling.

The Packers went for it on 4th and 2 after LA called a timeout. Rodgers connected with Deguara to convert for a 12-yard gain, and to get inside the Rams’ 10 yard line.

Dillon caught a pass from Rodgers to put another touchdown on the board, making it 26-17. Crosby’s PAT kick was good, giving the Packers a 10 point lead.

With no timeouts left, the Packers began their drive after Amari Rodgers ran a 54-yard kick to the Packers’ 21-yard line.

On the first play, Rodgers and Adams connected for what was initially ruled a first down. That play was then put under a booth review, but the ruling stood.

Rodgers launched a ball downfield on 2nd down, but it was broken up before it landed in the hands of Valdes-Scantling. Another pass, this time to Lazard, also fell incomplete.

On 3rd and 10, a Lazard caught a short pass, but wasn’t able to run fast enough to avoid being tackled after the first down marker.

The Packers then punted with 40 seconds left in the half, and St. Brown tackled the receiver, however a defensive offside penalty was called on the Rams during the kick, resulting in a first down for Green Bay.

Rodgers threw another incomplete pass, this time to Jones. He finally connected with Lazard for a gain of 7 yards.

With 17 seconds left, the Packers once again had the punting unit on the field. Bojorquez punted 41 yards, and a fair catch was called by Kupp at the Rams’ 10-yard line.

With 11 seconds left in the half, Stafford knelt to end it. The Packers will receive the ball to start the second half.

Crosby’s 65-yard kick resulted in a touchback for the Rams. Their first play was a pass from Stafford to to Michel for a gain of 11.

Michel then ran for five and seven yards on the following plays, before Stafford threw to Kupp for a gain of 22 yards. After than, he spread the love to Higbee for a gain of 3 to get to the Packers’ 27-yard line.

After the 2 minute warning, Stafford threw to Kupp for a gain of 19 yards to get to the red zone. On 2nd and goal, Stafford threw to Henderson for a touchdown. The PAT was good, making it 20-17 with just under 90 seconds to play in the half.

After a 58-yeard kick by Gay, Amari Rodgers ran for 14 yards to get to the Packers’ 21-yard line. A penalty was called on Green Bay, and was enforced at the 21, pushing the Packers back to their own 11-yard line.

A short pass from Rodgers to Cobb on the first play resulted in a gain of 27 yards, and was followed by an 8-yard run by Jones to get to Green Bay’s 38-yard line.

Rodgers then threw an incomplete pass, but connected with Adams for a gain of 46 yards to get to the Rams’ 11-yard line.

Eventually, Rodgers and Cobb connected for a seven yard touchdown. Crosby’s kick made it 20-10, with 4:21 left in the half.

The Rams began their next possession at their 33-yard line following a 60-yard kick by Crosby. Henderson ran for three yards, and Stafford threw a short pass to Bekcham for a gain of five.

On 3rd and 2, Stafford threw an incomplete pass to Beckham, resulting in a 37-yard punt to Green Bay’s 22-yard line.

However, Cobb muffed the catch, and it was recovered by Rochell at Green Bay’s 25-yard line.

The Packers took their second timeout with 8:13 left in the half. Cooper Kupp then threw a pass to Jefferson for a gain of 25-yards, and was initially ruled a touchdown. However, a replay then ruled it as incomplete.

Henderson then ran for a gain of 7 to get to the Packers’ 18-yard line. Stafford threw an incomplete pass on 3rd and 3 to Beckham. Gay attempted a 36-yard-field goal, and made it through the uprights to make it 13-10.

Gay kicked 65 yards for a touchback, and Rodgers’ first play was an incomplete pass to Valdes-Scantling. Dillon then ran for seven yards on 2nd and 10 to get to Green Bay’s 32-yard line.

Afterwards, Rodgers connected with Cobb for a huge gain.

After the deep pass, Dillon ran for a gain of five yards and then for no gain. Rodgers then attempted another pass to Cobb, but it fell incomplete on 3rd and 5 at the Rams’ 9-yard line.

Crosby then attempted and made a 28-yard field goal to make it 13-7.

Crosby kicked 66 yards, and Michel ran it back 20 yards to the Rams’ 19. Michel then ran for a gain of two yards on the first play.

Stafford threw a deep pass to Higbee on 2nd and 8, but it was incomplete. However, on 3rd and 8, Stafford connected with Jefferson for a 79-yard touchdown. The extra point by Gay was good, making it a 10-7 game.

The Packers started their drive with less than 30 seconds left in the first quarter. Jones ran for two yards before Rodgers connected with Deguara for a yard.

On 3rd and 7 and the Rams sacked Rodgers, who was able to return to the line of scrimmage to avoid a loss of yards.

During the Rams’ third drive, Henderson ran for a gain of three on the first play. The second play resulted in a short pass from Stafford to Jefferson for a gain of five, before he was tackled by Eric Stokes.

Henderson then ran for one yard before the Rams went for it on 4th and one. However, Henderson then attempted another run, but he was tackled by Adrian Amos - and was flipped into the air - at the Rams’ 29-yard line for no gain.

The Rams’ second drive was short lived.

After just two plays - one of which was a run by Henderson for a gain of six - the second play resulted in a fumble by Stafford after he was sacked at the Rams’ 12-yard line for a loss of nine. He was sacked by Rashan Gary, and the ball was recovered by Preston Smith. He ran it back for five yards before fumbling it, but he recovered it again.

A short pass from Rodgers to Adams got the Packers to the Rams’ 1-yard line. They weren’t able to convert on 2nd and goal, but Rodgers ran it in on 3rd and goal to put the Packers on the board. Crosby’s kick made it 7-0.

For their first drive of the game, the Packers mixed up the run and passing game, starting with a run by Aaron Jones before Rodgers threw an 8-yard pass to Marquez Valdes-Scantling.

Jones then ran for another eight yards before Rodgers connected with Adams for a gain of 15 yards.

The Packers went for it on 4th and 1, and Dillon was able to convert after a 2 yard run on the Rams’ 49-yard line.

Rodgers attempted a deep pass to Lazard on 3rd and 11 at the Rams’ 38-yard line, but it fell incomplete.

Receiver Randall Cobb was later seen coming off the field, and appeared to be injured.

While the drive lasted for 15 plays, the Packers ended up punting after initially deciding to let Crosby attempt a field goal.

However, the drive resulted in Adams having more than 1,000 yards for the season.

The Packers won the coin toss Sunday, and elected to defer it.

Crosby kicked 62 yards to the Rams 3-yard line, and the ball was returned to the Rams 26-yard line. After a couple of rushing plays, Stafford threw to Henderson for a gain of four, before throwing two incomplete passes in a row. The Rams punted on 4th and 6, where it was downed at the Green Bay six yard line.

Sunday afternoon, the Packers (8-3) host the Los Angles Rams (7-3) at Lambeau Field. The Rams are coming off a bye week, and the week before, lost 31-10 to the San Francisco 49ers during a Monday night game.

Team records show the Packers have won five of the last six regular-season matchups with the Rams, and 12 of the last 17. With the postseason, the Packers have won each of the last three home games against the Rams and outscored them 80-31. The all-time regular season record for Packers vs. Rams is 45-46-2. The all-time, postseason record is 2-1.

During the last meeting, the Packers won a NFC Divisional playoff game by a score of 32-18 at Lambeau. In that game, Aaron Rodgers was 23 of 36, had two touchdowns and had a one yard rushing touchdown, the first by a Packers quarterback in a playoff game at Lambeau since Bart Starr’s famous winning sneak in the Ice Bowl.

A bit of trivia – Packers team officials say this is the first time since week 13 of 2014 that the Packers have played a game at Lambeau in Week 12 or later where both teams have three or fewer losses.

Currently, the Packers are 6-2 against NFC teams this season, and are second in the conference – only behind the Dallas Cowboys, who are 5-1 in the NFC. However, Green Bay is the only team with six wins against the NFC this year.

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Team officials add the Packers have won the game going into the bye week in five of the last six years. That statistic comes as the team continues to battle the injury bug, and eagerly awaits their bye so players can heal.

As Action 2 News reported earlier this week, among the injured players is quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who said earlier this week he has been playing with a fractured toe. He did not practice all week due to the injury but team officials said he will be playing Sunday.

Next week, the Packers, as well as the Cleveland Browns, Tennessee Titans and the Carolina Panthers will all be on a bye week. This is the latest bye week ever for Green Bay, and the fourth time since 1990 the Packers have had a bye in Week 10 or later.

Saturday afternoon, the team announced they elevated La’Darius Hamilton from the practice squad as a COVID-19 replacement for OLB Jonathan Garvin.

The Packers announced the following players won’t be active for Sunday’s game due to injuries:

  • CB Kevin King
  • S Vernon Scott
  • T David Bakhtiari
  • WR Malik Taylor
  • DL Jack Heflin

The Rams will be without the following:

  • QB Bryce Perkins
  • WR Ben Skowronek
  • S JuJu Hughes
  • OLB Chris Garrett
  • OL Alaric Jackson
  • OL Tremayne Anchrum Jr.

Following the bye week, the Packers will host the Chicago Bears on Sunday Night Football. Keep in mind, the NFL may shift start time and broadcasts due to flexible scheduling beginning that week. Out of their last five games, the NFL will be able to shift times in four of them. The only one not able to be flexed is the Christmas Day game against the Cleveland Browns.

Elsewhere in the NFC North, the now 0-10-1 Detroit Lions lost to the Chicago Bears on Thanksgiving, 16-14. The Bears are now 4-7 for the season. Meanwhile, the Minnesota Vikings (5-5) play the 49ers in San Francisco at 3:25 Sunday.

The game, which is scheduled to begin at 3:25 p.m., will air on FOX. It’s expected to be a cold and blustery day at Lambeau, with a kickoff temperature of 33 and a wind chill of 22, and winds out of the northwest at 18 mph. Temperatures are expected to dip into the 20′s by the time the game ends. CLICK HERE for your First Alert Forecast.

Action 2 Sports will be tweeting updates throughout the game, so check back often. They will also break down the game and have post-game reaction at 10:35 p.m. on Cover 2.

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