Holiday Hacks: Gift wrapping and greeting cards

Wrapping a gift
Wrapping a gift
Published: Nov. 26, 2021 at 1:56 PM CST
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GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - Black Friday sales have been going on for, what, two months now? Some people are already boasting online that their Christmas shopping is done. Now it’s time to wrap those presents and sign the Christmas cards. We spent hours on YouTube (we can do that when it’s “for work”) looking for some of the best, easy-to-follow videos. We know how busy this season gets, so we focused on the “wow factor” that makes your family and friends feel extra-appreciated without requiring much extra time. No special tools or skills are required beyond scissors, double-sided tape, patience, and maybe un-learning some old wrapping habits.

Gift wrapping with diagonal layers. It’s hard to believe this was done with one sheet of wrapping paper. Just fold and tuck, then slip your Christmas card into one of the folds.

Gift wrapping with horizontal layers. An alternative to the above design, this content creator uses double-sided tape (as well as several exact measurements) for a cleaner look.

Gift wrapping big gifts. This Japanese method for wrapping paper has been a favorite of ours for years. The corner fold lets you wrap a gift using less paper -- which is very handy when the paper on-hand is just a little too small for the box. It also gives an incredibly clean look since the edges of the paper align with the edges of the box. There’s also information here on making gift bags and bows out of wrapping paper.

Wrap a gift with a ribbon carrying handle. It’s prettier than a gift bag and more unique!

Cracker gift box. This box resembling a firecracker is a good fit if you have a small gift to wrap or party favors and will get the receiver’s attention. (No explosives are used.)

Explosion box. This is the most time-intensive project on this list, but watch the gift receiver’s reaction when they open layers upon layers of boxes and treats. No explosives, just gravity. Alternatively, you can try this explosion box which uses one sheet of cardstock, and instead of treats it’s filled with old family photos. If you’re up to the challenge, you can also make an explosion box with six sides.

Gift card holder. Gift cards are increasingly popular at Christmas. Make a gift card holder with wrapping paper.

Gift card presentation box. This presentation box is similar to an explosion box but with one layer and a center stand.

Pop-up card for gift cards. If you want to mail a gift card or money, you’ll want something flatter than the presentation box above. For a more advanced project, this pop-up card can display a photo or hold a card with double-sided tape.

Pop-up Christmas tree card. While we’re taking greeting cards into the third dimension, how about wishing someone a Merry Christmas with a pop-up Christmas tree. This would be a fun project with kids.

Turn-lock greeting card. Is this 3 greeting cards in 1? Get creative!

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