Holiday Hacks: Indoor decorations

Holiday Home Decorating Tips
Holiday Home Decorating Tips
Published: Nov. 25, 2021 at 12:25 PM CST
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GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, but you don’t have to be Joanna Gaines to make your house a holiday home. We spent hours on YouTube to select some of the most useful, easy-to-follow videos filled with ideas for holiday decorations (we told the boss it was “for work”).

Some of these projects might require a trip to a craft or hardware store, but our focus was on projects that didn’t require special hobbyist equipment or skills -- mostly scissors, tape, glue, patience and imagination. We wanted a “wow factor” without a lot of money and decorations that visitors would talk about. So we hope you look at these projects and say “I could do that” and get the family involved, too.

Sock gnomes. This project uses socks, pebbles or rice, yarn and string, fiber fill, pompoms or wood beads, a hot glue gun and scissors. No sewing is required. We watched videos using fake fur for the beards or braids, but we liked the yarn look for the beard on this project and there aren’t many that include instructions for a lady gnome as well. Check out this video for a larger version using a mop head and roll of paper towels.

“Ship in a bottle” ornaments. This example goes for the holiday red truck (or car) motif.

Peppermint decorations show what you can do with foam and glitter.

Light-up Christmas present boxes. This project uses bamboo skewers, deco mesh, ribbons (wired ribbons keep their shape better) and battery-operated Christmas lights. If you want a more advanced craft project with wire and twine or burlap, check out this video.

Elaborate snowflakes from a brown paper bag. The video below shows you where to make the cuts, but we also liked this video that showed how fun this project is with the kids.

3D paper Christmas trees. You don’t need any special origami skills for these projects. This video tells you where to fold and cut. For a project that’s a little more involved but also free-standing, click here.

Stacked Christmas gift boxes. Is it art or is it Christmas? This stacked gift boxes display uses the handle of an old shovel to keep it together. Another video makes an colorful display using well-placed cuts in the boxes -- a more basic solution but it may be challenging to find the right balance.

Beautiful ornaments. These elegant ornaments make use of plain white and colored glitter foam sheets, small matching ornaments, embellishments and a glue gun. The video ends with links to more ornament designs using the same materials.

Ornament arch. We found many videos inspired by TikTok creating ornament arches with chicken wire. We liked that this content creator used removable 3M hooks on her walls instead of a staple gun, but she gets distracted with other DIY decorating after 11½ minutes, so fast-forward from there to 16:50 to see the progress on her arch, which ends up being one of the best we’ve seen.

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