Wrightstown’s Summers returns to field after basic training

Published: Oct. 12, 2021 at 10:54 PM CDT
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GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - For some it’s the call to serve. That’s the case for Wrightstown senior Logan Summers.

“I kind of always thought I wanted to join the military from a young age, because I wanted to serve my country,” said Logan Summers.

The decision was easy for Summers. As he chose to enlist in the military after high school.

Like anything, there would have to be sacrifices. Especially with the opportunity to get a head start on his military career over the summer with basic training.

That includes preparing for what would be his final football season in high school.

“He came and talked to me and said ‘coach, I still want to play football but I’m going to basic training and it’s going to interfere with the first three weeks of camp.’ I said that’s not a problem at all. That’s more important than maybe playing high school football,” said Wrightstown head coach Steve Klister.

“I was kind of sad but I realized that I’m doing it for the greater good. If you want to be in the military, the dedication, you’re going to have to make some sacrifices,” said Summers.

Summers began basic training at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri in early June. Going through each phase of basic training, Summers learned the basics that would serve as the building blocks of his military future.

“That was having to get yelled at and do a lot of push-ups, more rifle qualification, and learning more basics on how to be a soldier,” said Summers.

Eventually Logan graduated from basic training just as the high school football season got underway in late August.

The Wrightstown Tigers took on Xavier that week, and soon Summers would rejoin them on the field.

“Down there they teach you that this is greater than yourself and you shouldn’t be selfish. Kind of what Wrightstown football has taught me too, and it also becomes more of a family,” said Summers.

Then last week Summers took the field for what could be one his final appearances at Tigers Stadium in Wrightstown. Introduced along with his fellow seniors pregame, there was a brief mention as Summers’ name was called about his return from ‘basic training to serve our country.’

“I thought it was a pretty good experience. It was a very nice thing, it made me feel appreciated,” said Summers.

“To go from there and finish out his high school career being able to play some high school football, I think is just awesome for him,” said Klister.

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