Man looking for women who saved his life before MNF game at Lambeau Field

Published: Sep. 24, 2021 at 4:16 PM CDT
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RIPON, Wis. (WBAY) - A Fond du Lac County man knows he’s lucky to be alive, after collapsing Monday night, as he waited to get into Lambeau Field for the Packers game. And now he’s searching for the good Samaritans who helped to save his life.

Friends and co-workers, Randy Sabel and Mark Homan, are thankful to be sitting next to each other just days after Randy Sabel gave his buddy a good scare.

“He’s unconscious. I see the eyes roll back in his head and they’re working on him. Get in the ambulance and I’m like, is he going to make it?” recalls Homan.

It was Monday night, outside of the south gate at Lambeau Field. As the two waited to get into the Packers game, Sabel passed out. According to Homan, “A lot of people thought he was inebriated and so forth, which he wasn’t. He had a couple of beverages, but everybody does before a Packer game. Tried to get him back up, he gets kind of on his knees and then he kind of falls straight forward and kind of limp.”

Two bystanders, also in line to get into the game, stepped in to help. The doctor and a nurse, both women, worked on Sabel. Mark Homan says, “They’re giving him CPR, yelling, ‘Stay with us Randy, stay with us’ and telling people to ‘Get away, we’ve got this.’”

Paramedics arrived and rushed him to the hospital. “When the doctor took off my shirt, noticed my body was full of hives, face was beet red, so they knew it was basically an allergic reaction,” says Sabel.

A few EpiPen injections later, Sabel was starting to recover. Then, the magnitude of those women’s actions started to kick in, too. Sabel says, “The hardest part is hearing that when they got to me that I didn’t have a pulse. So, they basically saved my life.”

Now that Sabel is fine, and he knows he has an allergy to shellfish, leading him to carry an EpiPen, he wants to track down those women who came to his aid. “They need the proper thanks that they deserve. Being a doctor and a nurse, for them, they probably do it every day so for them it’s commonplace. But to know without them would I be here talking to you, doesn’t sound like it,” he adds.

Mark Homan also posted about the incident on social media. It’s gotten some traction, but the women who helped Sabel are still unidentified. Sabel and Homan hope, for not much longer.

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