Chris Davis sworn in as new Green Bay Police Chief

Published: Sep. 16, 2021 at 11:19 AM CDT|Updated: Sep. 16, 2021 at 6:12 PM CDT
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GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) - A swearing-in ceremony was held Thursday for new Green Bay Police Chief Chris Davis.

“I’d like to thank our community here in Green Bay for this opportunity to serve you in this role,” said Davis. “It really is an honor to be here. And I realize the responsibility that you all will hold me to, and it’s my commitment to you to live up to your expectations and live up to that responsibility.”

He says public trust and rights of the people are important to him.

“This vision is of a police department that listens to its community, uses data to focus resources where the problems are,” said Davis. “That’s not afraid to innovate. I believe public safety is a shared responsibility.”

He continued, “People’s human rights -- people have a right to be free of crime in their communities and be safe in their communities--they have a right to express themselves and to come to their government and try to work them out. They have a right and they have an expectation that they’ll be able to rely on us that when they have interactions with us in the Green Bay Police Department, we’ll follow the rules and we’ll treat them with respect. And I already see that happening here.”

Davis comes to Green Bay from Portland, Oregon, where he served as Deputy Chief of the Portland Police Bureau since Dec. 31, 2019.

Davis is a graduate of the FBI National Academy and the Major Cities Chiefs Association’s Police Executive Leadership Institute.

Davis says he’s not an outsider and he hopes to bring the staff together.

“I’m not going to come in here from the outside, from the West Coast and do it all by myself. That’s not how this works. No chief can come into an organization and just speak all these things into existence. We’re going to do them together, and we’re starting in a really good place,” Davis said. “The trust has to come first, and you have to earn that. Nobody’s going to follow you anywhere if, number one, they don’t trust you, and number two, you don’t look like you know where you’re going.”

Davis says he’s a Green Bay Packers fan and happy to show off his Packers pride.

“I’ve noticed I’m no longer the only person in my neighborhood with a Packers sticker on the car. I have not seen a single Russell Wilson jersey or Seahawks sticker, which is therapeutic for me,” Davis said.

Police and Fire Commission President Rod Goldhahn addressed what he called the “elephant in the room”--how some people view the city of Portland.

“I’ll close with the elephant in the room. When the announcement came out there was a lot of ‘Portland? Really? Do you watch TV?’ And I have a simple response to that. We didn’t hire Portland. We hired Chris Davis. We hired a highly trained and experienced police professional with proven results in areas that are important to Green Bay. He’s a leader that’s been tested and trained by some of the toughest situations in the country. He’s a humble man. He cares about his community, his officers and his staff. He’s a family man with strong Midwestern roots.”

When we asked Davis about that, he said while challenging, he believes the experience helped him, adding, “It was difficult and hard, but I think it has given me some experience and perspective that can add value here in Green Bay.”

Davis was hired to lead the Green Bay Police Department following the retirement of Andrew Smith.

Action 2 News will have coverage of the ceremony and an interview with Chief Davis tonight.

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